The United States as all empires bet on the draining of the human potential by acculturation and other means in order to expand and spread its hegemony . In fact, the empire builds its glory on the draining of such potential, and then it accumulates`weapons and technology in order to defeat what remains of the human being who has been thus dispossessed .

The equation is that of two defeated human beings facing one another, with the difference that one has powerful arms and technology and the other not. Now , after the victories of the`Resistance over israel and USA in 2000 and 2006 this equation stands no more, and the masses have retrieved their power and`acquired`weapons and gotten their act together and reconnected with their Religion and culture . Thus, they have defeated the enemy , and the enemy has been defeated, and whether israel or USA , they can no more wage direct wars, and their technology and powerful weapons cannot compensate for the shortcomings of the human factor.

In order to make`up for this loss, the US relied on proxy armies made of Native peoples like ISIS and the sisters of ISIS so as to avoid direct confrontation with the peoples and to compensate for the deficiency in the human factor . It created fictitious enemies and waged fictitious`wars because it could no more`win a real war . Now, the US has to withdraw from the battlefield and go back to the rear ranks before it is totally defeated. For this reason, it is promoting other affiliated countries and organizations and powers that could take over.

The empire has to move its center from the USA to several other centers , and delegate its powers to others and relieve itself from its duties . Russia, China, Japan and the European countries are eligible, and organizations like UN , BRICS, Shanghai, and the Silk Road could play a role, and also virtual entities like` Eurasia, and so many alliances regional and international that should assume part of the duties of the empire, and protect the empire’s interests after the US is no more capable of leading the ship.

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Doctor Ahmadinejad- as mentioned before- followed an opposite policy to that of Sheikh Rouhani . Instead of openness, he opted for self reliance , instead of benefiting the elite ,he benefited the poor , and gave them allocations, He helped the deep Iran, and wanted national wealth to be equally distributed ; and he navigated in the dangerous waters ofsanctions and blockade to have Iran reach the safe shore. It is this elite and the political elite of the Iranian administration that has turned against Doctor Ahmadinejad because Doctor Ahmadinejad is a threat to this elite . The elite fears to lose its privileges and feels that the cheese sandwich of Doctor Ahmadinejad and his floor mattress and his worn out clothes will expose them .They put so much effort into demonizing him that they almost succeeded, and they had the western tribunes to help them and assist them in this . The predator west fears Doctor Ahmadinejad as much as the plague , and the Iranian elite was in tune with the predators regarding this matter . It is strange that Iranians feel so much threatened by austerity and modesty and righteousness when they have been the authors of the first Spiritual Revolution ever. But this is the Truth , and the former president of Iran represents the real Spirit of the Revolution. But the elites together with the west are trying hard to associate him with violations and corruption and so on , and to drag him to court in order to tarnish his image . But this does not prove easy either , because those who know Doctor Ahmadinejad know what he stands for . Definitely, the elites are not ready to sacrifice their privileges, and will not accept to lose these privileges . The latest conspiracy on Doctor Ahmadinejad was to try to associate him with the latest riots saying that he instigated them, and trying to give these riots a justification of some sort by implicating Doctor Ahmadinejad in them,. Only God knows what they will try next to hurt his image . The enemies of Iran are not a single enemy says the leader, , they are many and they form a whole front .

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Who can believe the Russians who said that their airbase in Hmeimeem and their naval base in Tartous were subject to an attack by 13 drones carrying explosives who were operated by the Qatari sponsored group called Ahrar al Sham to attack the Russians ? The Russian belligerents say THAT ALL THE DRONES WERE INTERCEPTED AND THERE WERE NO CASUALTIES OR DAMAGES. Really ? What kind of joke is this? In their more than 2 years of war against Terror , the Russians were never attacked directly by terrorists in a harmful way which shows that their war on Terror was not serious, and that they did not seek to eradicate Terror but rather to monitor terror like the US does, , and this is understandable since the Russians are the ones who introduced terrorists to Syria, and directed the Syrian rule to fighting them instead of fighting israel , and they are the ones who invited Turkey to come and fight terrorists in Syria and solve their differences with the Kurds on Syrian soil , and this after they pressured Syria into accepting the Coalition anti terrorist strikes over the country . We will defeat Terror when we know for sure who created , sustained and sponsored terror world wide said Sayyed Hassan . The Russians now want to make us believe that they are fighting terrorists in Syria , or they might have just started to do so against the Chechen terrorists whose eventual return to Chechnya they fear, and whose introduction to Syria they facilitated earlier upon Saudi request, but whom they fiercely attacked two days ago in Idlib .


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The Yemenis have released hundreds of prisoners that were implicated in the San’a’ failed coup operated by late Ali Saleh in coordination with KSA and the General People’s Conference Party headed by late Saleh has elected a new leadership and pledged never to work for the benefit of the enemy . The country is heading towards unity , and the military achievements can no more be hidden , The military defenses have shot down two aircrafts , one of the UK Tornedo ( Not
Typhoon as mentioned earlier) and the second a US F 15 , plus many US drones that were used for spying and collecting information . The KSA had denied the shooting down of the Tornedo aircraft but could not deny the shooting down of the F15 because the video issued by the Yemeni military shows clearly the plane being hit by a missile . The brave courageous Yemenis , the Freedom Fighters of Ansarullah have defeated every attempt at breaking through Naham towards San’aa’ or at progressing towards al Hudaida sea port from the south or at advancing through al Jawf . The Ansarullah have many cards that they can play, and they warned the international community about jeopardizing the safe navigation in the Red Sea through the Bab al Mandib Straight , this not to to forget that their missiles never missed their target in KSA or UAE , despite opposite claims . They are working on developing and evolving their weaponry in their big arsenals and defeating the purpose of the enemy determined on annihilating them. Viva Yemen , that has brought back to the Arabs of the peninsula their honor and dignity and the values of courage and temerity that have been exposed by the Saudi and gulf royal stooges


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Experts agree that Iran should not follow the neoliberal trend of economy that is is in contradiction with the political orientation of the country and with the principles of the Revolution based on sovereignty and independence . The leader has been calling for the Resistant economy and for self reliance but it seems that no one listened to him or took seriously his directions . The Iranians want material comfort and think neoliberalism is the answer. Not at all , Neo liberalism will not bring material comfort, that is why it is better to choose relative austerity than openness that exposes the country without bringing the desired fruit. The leader’s directions should be followed . Why Rouhani is not following them ? And why is he singing his own tune ? Today, the Iranians rallied in peaceful demonstrations in order to protest against the economic situation, the rise of unemployment, the inflation and the rise of the cost of living and against corruption. These all could be solved but without betting on the nuclear deal and the foreign input . Rouhani’s policies are exposing Iran . One can blame foreign hands for the riots , but how is Iran being protected?

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The Turks through Killis on the borders with Syria are introducing troops and tanks and military equipment that they are taking to Ifreen to end the Kurdish hegemony over this area , while the Syrian Army is progressing towards Idlib . Does the equation say Idlib Against Ifreen ? The Russian belligerent who is monitoring the battles has been trading this for that trying to give a portion of the Syrian pie that is right now being divided to Turkey by allowing the Turks in and helping them take Jarablus and` assisting them in taking al Baab . They seem also to be behind the blast that shook Idlib yesterday taking the lives of hundreds who mostly belong to the Chechen wing of al Nusrat . Russia seems to want to get rid of those for fear that they will head home after they fulfilled their assignment for which they have been sent to Syria by the Russian authorities themselves .

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A Look at Rouhani’s Economic Policies


Palestinian academician Saif Da’na on al Mayadeen TV . Iran is targeted because of its external policies of supporting the Resistance and not because of its economic policies because the west does not care about Iran’s economic policies, nor the US cares , they care about the resisting external policy of Iran , but Iran has to protect itself by adopting suitable economic policies rather than the neo-liberal policies of Rouhani that exposes the society . Neo liberalism creates schisms in the heart of societies and empowers the class of the rich at the expense of the middle and poor classes`who are the ones who defended Iran and who fought for Iran and not the 20 % of the privileged class . Neo liberal policies were disastrous in the region – adds Da’na – and they are the cause of impoverishing the majority of the people that caused the growth of terrorism caused by poverty . To avoid this , Iran has to choose another economic policy. the academician said that this is not in praise of Doctor Ahmadinejad but Rouhani’s policies are not suitable and expose the country instead of protecting it

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