To those who do not know , or are not aware of it , the Chinese Communist Party- who is holding its 19th Conference in Beijing- still exists and is ruling China . And its general secretary – Xi Jinping- is the president of China . A Communist Party is ruling the largest populated country on earth, and we are still looking for a pole to the World Order
and for someone who could stand up to imperialism without finding one . Today, the Communist Party of China is holding its 19th Conference in great ceremony with a standing ovation to the president. Something has gone wrong because China does not represent anything for the struggling people. It is looking after its own material interests and is ready to trade anything against material gain and prosperity . There are no principles ruling and no anti imperialist stands . There is on the contrary cooperation and coordination and accommodation of the imperialist project , otherwise China would have been subject to warfare and sanctions and all sorts of bans coming from the world order .

China has chosen to work for the tiger made of paper rather than standing with the real people made of flesh and bones. Where is China from what is happening in Venezuela or Cuba or Palestine or Syria or Yemen ? It is no where to be found . And the BRICS is another failing attempt and is controlled by the World Order and operates under its jurisdiction .

People should wake up to the fact that China is busy with the gold rush, and instead of helping the people , it has become part of the conspiracy . It is enough that it has been sending thousands of Uyghurs to Syria to get rid of them and dump them on Arabs to wage war on the Syrians , and take their homes in Idlib, and install their families in . Other than that , there is nothing to expect from the big COMMUNIST Smiling China. China will collapse together with the World Order to which it belongs and this is expected any time now.

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The goal behind stirring the Kurdish matter is not to create a Kurdish state that stretches from Syria to Iran , the goal is to destabilize the whole area and to fuel ethnic hatred and consecrate an ethnic Arab/Kurdish alignment and to legalize the military presence of Turkey in Iraq who has today stricken the PKK positions in Iraq and killed militants . Now , the seeds of the dispute have been sown , and the harvest will come in due time . It is the Kurds who are the direct main losers in this alignment , they lost Kirkuk and other disputed areas in favor of the federal government . But the unity of Iraq has only been saved apparently . At the deep levels things are different, and the Kurds are preparing themselves for the other round . It is the US~ administration who engineered this whole maneuvers to create an anti Kurdish alignment regionally speaking and create tensions that will pressure Iran. The Kurds were taken on a US ride when they carried on this referendum .

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While Russian general Shoigu- Russian minister of`defense -was visiting israel , the israelis- by their own words- said that they coordinated with Russia an attack in the suburbs of Damascus on a anti aircraft missile battery that destroyed the whole system . This happened after Syria targeted with missiles- or with one missile at least- an israeli plane that had violated the Lebanese air space over Baalbeck which caused the israeli retaliation on the battery system two hours later and that also happened from the Lebanese air space or from the Syrian occupied Golan Heights .

As the israeli retaliation was coordinated with Russia , so the shelling with a Syrian missile of an israeli plane in the Lebanese air space must have been coordinated with Russia if not ordered by Russia as is the case in most military operations in Syria. The question iswhy the Russians wanted to target an israeli plane in the Lebanese air space by a Syrian missile? Did the Russians – whose defense minister was in Tel Aviv when this happened, want to give Tel Aviv a good pretext to destroy the battery system located near Damascus? Or is it that they wanted to anticipate the warning addressed by the Resistance to israel to stop its violations of the Lebanese air`space by having Syria take the initiative that should be in Lebanese hands otherwise and target the israeli plane ? There are many messages in this maneuver that the Resistance no doubt understands..

This is all a very complicated story, and this normalization happening between israel and Syria through Russia does not tell anything good, and might have reached the level of indirect coordination between the two . The Syrians justify this by saying that Russia’s close relations with israel is helpful to Syria . It is certainly helpful to israelis but has it been helpful to Syria and in what way?

This is normalization and coordination , and what happened yesterday is a maneuver that must have been carefully engineered between Russia and israel with Syria as part of it. This maneuver introduces Syria – who is failing in defending itself- to the Lebanese scene as a partner in defending Lebanon . Until now defending Lebanon against israel has been a People+Resistance+`Army endeavor , but now there is a new element . This new element is not only Syria that has a pact of`defense with Lebanon, but Russia . Where this will lead we don’t know clearly, but what we know for sure is that Syria has been placed under Russian custody until further notice, and Russia is allied with israel and playing a controversial role in Syria .

This incident explains why Damascus has raised the tone lately against the Turkish military presence in Syria . Syria cannot challenge israel without raising the tone against the Turkish military occupation of Syrian territories.


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Contradictory statements coming from al Raqqa`concerning the exit of non Syrian ISIS thugs . Some say that 300 of them were exited from the province under SDF supervision while other sources say that while the thugs of Syrian origin were exited to fight the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur , the thugs of non Syrian origin are still fighting in the province and their number is 150 and they are asking to leave in one group to other ISIS controlled areas

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The Iraqi Army enters Kirkuk from three places and takes control of the oil fields without battle while the Peshmerga withdraws to Irbil . The army faction that is directly monitored by US or the Counter Terrorism Service entered the major oil fields which means that this operation happened with the blessings of the US . Thus, Iraq would have retrieved Kirkuk . All this fuss was to keep the Iraqi Army busy for some purpose that we will discover soon , and this move has succeeded in neutralizing NATO Turkey as an invading military force in Iraq and turn it into an strategic ally to Iraq with common interests . This has happened , the goal is not the Kurds , the goal is promoting `NATO.

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Trump is neither stupid nor fool . It is just a show that he is putting, and he is being good at it , and he is not the ruler of the USA but only the president . Who rules USA is`what they call the deep state where decisions are made , and they have assigned to Trump his role that he performs before all on the world stage whereby they want to give the impression that US is badly ruled and with an incapacitated president .

This is but a trick that aims at promoting Europe as a more stable and wiser power in its balanced policy. What they might be attempting at is delivering Iran to European hands which explains the Mogherini-Zarif smiles and their joint eligibility to win the Nobel Peace Prize that they might both share . Europeans now are racing to sign contracts with the Iranian government before the US congress says its final word regarding the nuclear deal , and the Iranians will respond, and the Iranian government by shunning Trump has chosen Europe , and this is`clear in Rouhani’s statements and in Zarif’s declarations .

So, the Iranian government is also performing and playing its assigned role. All this is part of the soft war Europe is waging on Iran like the soft smile of Mogherini , and this is a set up to draw Iran away from the regional arena where so many things are at stake from Bahrain to Syria and Iraq , passing by Yemen, and not forgetting Palestine .

The US has been maneuvering this way for a while promoting Putin as a pole to USA, and then -now- promoting Europe as a substitute power to US more rooted and stable in its policy . This comes after the world order has succeeded in drawing Iran to a rapprochement with Qatar after the latest Gulf anti Qatar alignment . All this has been carefully engineered and designed against Iran with the complacency of the Iranian government . But the Iranian government is only part of Iran.

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“The Revolutionaries in Syria were from the beginning no men with weapons.
They didn’t go around the toyotaflak in masks and shot machine guns.
Those who started protesting in Syria were ordinary farmers who were walking around in their jalabior, saying that now it is no longer working.”

according to this misinformer from Sweden the`War on Syria started as a farmers’ revolution , This misinformer , has more than a hundred thousand followers who read this crap . Should be exposed for misinformation , The`war on Syria is`NOT a farmers’ Revolution and never was a farmers’ Revolution except in the head of this misinformer . The war on Syria is a NATO conspiracy and this what the misinformer does not want you to know.

According to this misinformer , after the Syrian Army left Lebanon in 2005 as a result of Hariri’s assassination , Syrians who worked the land in Lebanon- and their number is half a million- were no more `allowed to work in Lebanon and this caused their material condition to deteriorate and triggered them to start their Revolution in Syria .

This an unbelievable crap , The Syrians who work in Lebanon did not leave with the Syrian army they remained in Lebanon `where they work mainly in the building sector and in the service sector . they are still in Lebanon working up to this minute

This Magda Gad is a source of misinformation that should be exposed. She must be sponsored by her government .

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