Who needs activists? Who needs foreign activists ? Who needs those ? What are they for ? What purpose do they serve ? Who needs Richard Falk and George Galloway and others? It is time that these questions are asked and answered .

The foreign activists are not an asset in any way to any cause , with the exception of the rare ones who have become one with the cause like Rachel Corrie . Those have helped themselves , they have developed the right insight and the right awareness into the matter and had to pay the price , a heavy price . Those are absolved because they have identified fully with the cause. They are not on an assignment of some sort . They are the cause in its full human dimension. Those are rare . But the others, those whom we see everywhere are many . Even if they spread the word about a certain cause what power do they have ? Do they have the power or the intention to change anything or to have people`develop awareness? First they would have to be aware themselves in order to raise some kind of awareness, and we find out that it is not so , that they did not develop the right awareness; this not to speak of the fact that they could be infiltrators in most of the cases who work for a third party by whom they were hired

What to say about George Galloway who has taken a pro Palestinian stand so to speak , even went to Gaza taking aid in a big convoy . But at one point, one realizes that he is against HAMAS which means that he is against the Palestinian Armed Resistance . In what way is he pro Palestinian and against the Armed Resistance ? Why does he need to take this anti Armed Resistance stand ? He did not have to take a stand regarding the Armed Resistance . The answer is that he has an agenda of his own that is not the agenda for Palestine . He is for peaceful Resistance `and for BDS and you name it, and he is dictating to the Palestinians whom to choose for leader, and he campaigns for al Barghouthi on every occasion.

Not even us Lebanese who are hosting many refugees would tell the Palestinians whom to choose, but we know the Palestinian condition. Not even the Lebanese Resistance who is one with the Palestinian Resistance , not even Iran who is so much supportive of Palestine and hosts Palestinian conferences and gives money and weapons and various aid would tell the Palestinians whom to choose for leader or speak in their name . But George Galloway does. He tells the Palestinians who is a suitable leader for them .

What puts Galloway in this position? and who gave him this authority ? It is not the Palestinians for sure but it is those who have hired Galloway . The truth is that the cause does not need those . Does the cause need Galloway who defames Islam on every occasion saying that Terror has its origins in Islam? The cause needs its people and its supporters among freedom fighters ad truth seekers . We are better off without the Galloways and the Falks and without the Chomskies and the Finkelsteins and the academicians that assume a pro Palestinian stand but their hearts are on israel, and they fear for israel,and they seem to side with Palestine but it is israel that they care for .

Those pro Palestinians activists have their par on the Syrian side too , and they have the same mission of promoting anti Resistance forces , and they stand for Russia and for secularism as if Syria was under Muslim attack and not under NATO’s Proxy Armies attack . Those also are on an assignment like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett and you name it , and they wage for secularism as opposed to Islam.

Those activists are far better staying home and working on keeping their governments off our backs . This is the best thing they can do. One can notice that there are no activists standing for Yemen the country that is being assaulted from every side and in every respect, with famine and cholera spreading, and people starving and dying by thousands and under Saudi-US fire . There are no foreign activists for Yemen , that is resisting bravely a vicious world order assault, because Yemen is a clean war and a clean struggle, and there is no room for infiltrators in the midst of the battle .

The Yemeni war is not object of focus , it is outside the common interest , so there is no need for activists there , for activists follow the audience and cater to the market’s needs, and all activists found their way to Syria and visited Assad and took pictures and gave interviews and posted videos . This must be rewarding for the activists more than any other place . Syria has become the heaven of hired activists, more so than Palestine even , and all praise the rule while very little is said about the suffering of the people.


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Galloway must be part of the campaign against Islam . This is something all should know`about George Galloway . We hear him attacking the Hijab for no reason thinking that Hijab has nothing to do with Islam, and that it is an interpretation and not a prescription according to him. Why is Galloway raising an issue and drawing conclusions in a matter for which he is not qualified ? He can raise the issue of Hijab and this is not wrong, but he cannot draw conclusions that are the work of his own mind. And then he turns the issue suddenly into a gender fight as if Islam was the proper ground for such a fight. This is totally wrong, and beside the point, and lacks knowledge and objectivity.

In other instances, Galloway exposes Islam saying that the seeds of Terror lie in Islam ., in the Religion itself . Why so Mister Galloway , Why take things at their face value and say Terror is an expression of Islam? Have you been deluded by the ISIS banners and the ISIS beards? Do you think that Muslims in their deteriorated condition could create something like ISIS ? Haven’t you heard of israel and the creators and sponsors of israel ? Haven’t you seen what colonialism has done to people ? Islam in its worst manifestations was not genocidal . Was it Islam that created israel or decimated the Natives of America or killed the Irish people ? Was is it Islam that made Hiroshima or Vietnam ? And if Wahabism is behind Terror – as you assume- Wahabism goes back to a hundred years ago , why did it have to wait a hundred years to produce Terror? Why didn’t it produce Terror then? This is totally immature and superficial and serves the colonialists who want to get away with their crimes and blame others for them .

Why help the colonialists get away with their crimes? Why are you doing so Mister Galloway ? Haven’t you heard of World Sponsored Terror ? Haven’t you heard Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah say that ISIS that is al Qa’ida in Iraq, like al Nusrat that is al Qa’ida in Syria , are the fruits of a joint effort from the US, the Saudi , and the Pakistani Intelligence Services ? Whom should we believe Galloway or the Leader of the Resistance, and who could be considered an authority on the matter?

Terror is a big endeavor that is far beyond Arab and Muslim capacities Mister Galloway . It involves institutions and world governments and administrations and Banks and research Centers and Think Tanks and Secret Services and UN and even Hollywood is involved as has been proven . And even if Wahabism is one of the sources of inspiration of Terror, Wahabism IN NO WAY CAN PRODUCE TERROR IN THE FORM OF ISIS OR OTHER , AND THIS IS A BIG LIE THAT THE WESTERN MEDIA – OF WHICH GALLOWAY IS PART- IS TRYING TO SPREAD FOR REASONS THAT ARE NOT UNKNOWN WHICH IS TO HIDE THE CULPRIT AND TARNISH THE RELIGION.

It is a shame that Galloway is taking this stand that is unjustifiable when Clinton herself says we have created Taliban and al Qa’ida , and when Trump himself says speaking about Obama’s administration: ” they created ISIS” . We invite Mister Galloway to go over his positions , and let him do this very early because his credibility is at stake after what we’ve heard coming from him regarding the origin of Terror ,or the Hijab, or Islam, or even the BDS, or Marwan al Barghouthi . We value his pro Palestinian stands but we will not turn a blind eye on his transgressions or accept that he makes choices for the Palestinian people or that he draws personal conclusions in matters for which he does not qualify . This is to say that we wish him happy birthday because today is his birthday, and it is `a good opportunity for him to go over his thoughts and choices.



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A great disappointment the interview with Father Atallah Hanna Archbishop of Jerusalem upon his` visit to Syria , to president Assad precisely , and also to Ma’loula` . Father Atallah Hanna poured all the praises`on the president for his`efforts to rebuild Ma’loula forgetting that it is the Freedom Fighters of the`Lebanese Resistance who liberated Ma’loula at a high cost , `and liberated the Churches and saluted VIrgin Mary with the`proper Resistance salute and planted the Hizbullah banners on the places they liberated .and guarded Nothing of this was mentioned, but there was extensive praise of Assad whose forces in 2013 deserted their positions at the entrance of` Ma’loula` and allowed the ISIS `thugs in .a behavior that the` Syrian Army showed in many instances during this tug of war.

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The points that are to be highlighted in Sayyed’s speech yesterday are many . First casting light on the fact that the successes of the Resistance are the fruits of seriousness and due`efforts and studies and perseverance and that this seriousness is behind these achievements that are not granted freely . Second , Sayyed said that president Assad is staying and all have to look over their choices meaning local powers within regard to this fact. and reorient their position because Assad will not leave power. Third that targeting the Axis of the Resistance did not affect in any way Hizbullah meaning of course that what happened in Syria did not undermine the Resistance in any way . This s a very revealing fact especially that the opposite is true which is that the Resistance has improved its capacities at all levels and acquired experience and became stronger . This is very revealing and shows that destroying Syria which is part of the Axis of the Resistance did not affect another member of the Axis of the Resistance that is Hizbullah . Why Syria did not come out stronger from this challenge like the Resistance did is the question whereby it was not been able to preserve its unity and sovereignty and integrity . The fourth point is the Ammonia containers issue, and the the israeli decision to remove them whereby Sayyed brings up the Dimona nuclear reactor issue as a target . The last issue that Sayyed raised is the israeli fear from trees whereby they are counting the trees that people plant on the Lebanese side and object each time a tree is planted by complaining to the UN . These trees block the vision of the enemy no doubt and Sayyed invited the southerners to plant trees in great numbers and makes fun of the fact that israel is afraid of trees .This is`to say that Israel hates to see the Lebanese and Arabs in general peaceful and` happy and`enjoying their lives and only feeds on their misery and plight .

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Bismillah Walhamdulillah
Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah

i welcome you all on this celebration and this numerous presence to celebrate the victories made by sacrifices
i welcome the martyrs’ families and the injured and the released prisoners
the martyrs have offered their lives for us to be safe and dignified and the martyrs are sharing your joy be sure about that
This place has witnessed a great achievement that made the victory possible
this town al Khiyam is a model for Lebanese coexistence
This place is known for its prison where the prisoners have suffered so much and their stories should be taught at school
Tis town al Khyam resisted 33 days and never surrendered and the enemy wanted it because of its position
The town was destroyed as a result but was rebuilt because of the determination to live
Wadi al Hujair is the burial place of the Merkava and so was the plain of al Khyam that is the Furnace of the Merkava
the israelis said we were like geese under the fire of the Resistance and the Merkavas were directly hit
the soldiers were terrified and left the Merkavas to burnt -in the surroundings
2 Merkavas were drowned . the israelis said to their commandment” forget about al Khyam ”
a handful of Resistance fighters who remained on the ground despite the continuous shelling and raids and fought till the last breath . It is not weapons or anything . It is Man
this is could become generalized to the whole south . what awaits the enemy is al Khyam a hundred fold where he will be defeated and humiliated

After 11 years this war is still subject of israeli debate and this has not stopped . this war is the center of their interest
they say they want to ask for another investigation and they are still trying to bridge the relation with the settlers
israel speaks about how Hizbullah has grown in every respect in weapons, experience etc..
this because the reason behind the 2006 war is to finish the Resistance . and when the enemy speaks about it this is because in 2006 they failed in defeating the Resistance
i want to speak about the seriousness of this Resistance and the political presence
this serious Resistance is serious takes no time off but works constantly and studies and researches and assesses
And the enemy knows about this seriousness
The Resistance is not after personal gain or after political gain or material
This Resistance has national goals and has no personal political gains the Lebanese way

This Resistance is growing in strength and all know this . All who bet on defeating the Resistance in 2006 have failed and those who bet on finishing the Resistance by targeting the Axis of the Resistance they also failed
And the israelis have developed this logic that any war waged on Lebanon is not worthwhile the cost that israel will pay
and israel should only wage war on Lebanon if there are no other choice
How did israel develop this logic , is because it knows that the war on Lebanon is costly and the victory is not guaranteed and this is what is important
If we keep this strength and complete it with the golden equation the israelis will think even more before they attack Lebanon
We live in a predators world and the weak ones will be smashed
The ammonia containers will be removed after lots of give and take, if the israleli did not respect us they would not have taken this costly step .

The israelis are betting on Trump so that the US administration pressures whoever supports Hizbullah and they will be threatened and sanctioned
The US administration can in no way touch the Resistance
The financial sanctions have found their way
They want to intimidate people
Trump when he spoke about the Resistance before the Lebanese PM
Let us test how much Trump knows about Lebanon
Trump said that the US and the Lebanese government are fighting Terror and are against the terrorist Hizbullah not knowing that Hizbullah is part of the government
How did he describe Hizbullah he said a terrorist and a destructive force and a danger on Lebanon
even Trump said that it is Hillary and Obama that created ISIS
Hizbullah is a destructive force and a danger on israel
Hizbullah defeated the great israel in 2000
Hizbullah is part of the force that destroyed great israel in the region
and Hizbullah destroyed the new middle east waged by Condolezza Rice
It is the US administration who are waging wars everywhere
When Trump speaks thus it is in order to pressure the Lebanese . i hope that no Lebanese will take part secretly in this campaign , they want to scare and intimidate and pressure and threaten the Lebanese
the US administration threatens with israel also
we should grow strong . it does not matter what weapons we have , the strength is an inner strength

if we plant trees on the borders israel complains to the UN. israel is even scared of the trees because it knows the trees protect the people . the israelis want us to live in a desert and to be dispossessed of everything and to ride donkeys while they develop nuclear weapons
They complain that this person walking on the borders has looked into israel and this is a transgression and israel complains to the UN about it because they want their fields to be green but not ours
We will keep on planting our trees . and when the israelis fear the trees and the armless man who walks by the borders . this means that their inner strength is being undermined
Another victory we have reaped in the Hills of Irsal another victory over israel and the proof is that israel is not happy
israel says that the defeat of ISIS in Syria means the victory of the Axis of the Resistance
It is expected that the rest of the armed factions leave on board of buses and the Army will take from Hizbullah the positions that were liberated
We are waiting for the Lebanese Army to set the time to start the battle

It is Lebanon’s interests to deal with Syria for agriculture and trade and security and oil in the north
let us put our personal interest aside and our political interest and think about Lebanon’s interest
they sit together the israeli and Lebanese officers in the south with the UN to sort out things
but they refuse to have them sit with Syrian officers
in 2006 we had the support of the president of the Republic and the head of the parliament .but there was a breach the head of the government
i want to remind of the disaster in Yemen by the UN testimony
the whole world should ask the USA and KSA to stop their war on Yemen and they should stop this ugly war . A Muslim Arab and world call is required
Stop this war and treat the people and feed them and seek a political solution and this is a call
In this instance we remember Sayyed Mousa al Sadr and his companions and we tell him we will continue on this path and this victory we also owe to the venerable IMAM


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They kill in front of all, they don’t hide . Why should they ? They kill everywhere and in daylight they kill everything they have access to and every one . They know no boundaries nor accept limits . They kill at leisure . Because they have decided that to kill is the right thing to do . They kill in Yemen and in Syria and Iraq and Libya and Somalia and Palestine. It is the civilization of killing, and by killing they can achieve their goals .

They create~ Terror and create ISIS` and they send ISIS to kill, and they are ISIS and ISIS is them . There is no ISIS . It is the usual killer who killed before and genocided people by MIllions . and he is ISIS . And people know that this civilization is the civilization of killing, and they know that there is no ISIS . It is the usual killer who used to kill and started killing 5 hundred years ago and genocided peoples and nations .

How did this happen that we live in the civilization of killing ? It happened when the predator started killing and got away with his crime . So it became something usual to kill and this is continuing, and Venezuela now has become on the predator’s list , and the mouth of the predator is watering again thinking of returning to the country of Hugo Chavez . But no one is saying anything as if Terror was a natural phenomenon or some some sort of natural disaster that one has to accept and adjust to and bear . But this is not so, ISIS is a premeditated Crime that took years of organization and preparation and planning to come up with the perfect killer and then transfer it to the stage to operate. And now, all can see the wonders of ISIS right on the silver screen or on the computer. You can see the killer operate and you know who is behind the killer . But no one will rally against the predator or against his crimes . The predator knows this and feels `secure and commits more crimes .

The people have grown powerless everywhere , they are no more masters of their environment and Society. They have lost control over everything and handed in the reins to the predator. They have become powerless . They can watch what is happening and either like or dislike, but they have no other authority . They have been stripped off their authority in favor of the predator willingly or unwillingly . Their silence could also be interpreted as that of approval . Because they have subscribed to this civilization of crime because of `everything it offers. They have bought the full package so t o speak and cannot really object . The civilization of crime is doing well and have succeeded in having all share in its crimes by their silence and`condescence.

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The Popular Crowd said that it will share in the battle of Talla’far to liberate around 1500 km2 of Iraqi land. The Popular Crowd had said earlier that it will not share in this battle in which US forces are contributing .

There are around 3 thousand ISIS thugs in Talla’far , and the Popular Crowd will share in this battle the same way they shared in al Mosul battle, and will have a supportive role unless they are asked to get directly involved .This is to say that the US is establishing a military base in the area of Talla’far and two days ago, the US airforce raided on the Popular Crowd on the Syrian-Iraqi borders for more than an hour killing 40 martyrs from the Crowd . The leadership of the Popular Crowd said it had evidence that the US forces are operating landing in ISIS land on a regular basis, and that the Crowd has recorded videos about these regular landings .

There are attempts at dismantling the popular Crowd and dividing it and dismantling it and have the other part join the Army and prevent the Crowd from fighting beyond the borders . Among those who want to dismantle the popular Crowd is Muqtada al Sadr whose star is rising, and who seem to prepare himself to become the next Iraqi Prime minister s and his chances are high. His anti Iran slogans are no doubt helping him promote himself whereby he has been hosted by KSA lately besides having good relations with the USA . Al Sadr is raising the anti corruption slogans, and also the national unity slogan, and the civil society slogan , but his anti Iranian stands is`the key to his promotion . Some sources say the Religious Reference in Iraq is also backing him .

Iraq is facing big challenges that the country is not up to . The return of the US occupation is one of them , and the presence of 18 Turkish military training camps to train the Sunni constituent and further the divisions , not to speak of ISIS that is still in al Anbar and in al Huweija in Kirkook also . Add to all this the referendum that the Kurds intend to conduct in Kurdistan in order to separate from Iraq and annex other provinces to the separate state like Kirkook and parts of Ninewa .

Iraq is trying to survive all this , but how to survive with the US and Turkish military presence . Iraq is`trying to reach a compromise by opening up to Jordan and KSA and distancing itself from Iran in another concession offered to USA


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