The human race when it overcame the animal kingdom and raised its cities over their remains thought that it had defeated bestiality and gotten rid of beasts. As a result , the human race felt secured and thought that it had come to terms with animals and had appropriated their kingdom . But the truth is that the human race had internalized bestiality and out of the many beasts , it had created a real monster predator living in this jungle made of concrete , an evil spirit ill intentioned intent on destroying everything and on erasing mankind after subjugating him and crippling him and turning him into a hollow echo that has no substance. This is the monstrosity we speak about , the monstrosity of attacking innocent people and committing genocide and displacing and terrorizing and threatening. The genocide we committed against animals, is not leaving us , it is being committed against us .People should grow aware of the fact that they live in the empire of the enemy , and that they should protect themselves and not become a prey to the monster predator


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Colonialism is the name of the poison, and the poison has no cure but its antidote decolonization. . To treat its effects is to no avail . Poverty racism underdevelopment are all effects and are beneficial to the colonialist . Look at South Africa , Mandela aborted the Revolution that was following its path, and confusion followed , great confusion. Previously, they applied certain anti Apartheid measures in order to replace the Revolution .They made the colonialist grant rights to the Natives , but what right does the colonialist have ? He has none, he has only more poison , the colonialist has no right in order to grant rights to the natives like equality and so on . The natives want all the rights . This Apartheid thing was a trip and consecrated colonialism by turning the colonialist into a legal occupier capable of granting rights to the Natives .

Movements like BDS are waging for the South African model so that israel grants rights to Palestinians , and turns them into equal citizens of israel for which the West Bank will be annexed. This is a great scandal because this anti racism as they call it will seek to annex the West Bank to israel and treat Palestinians on par with israelis within the usurping state of israel . This is the BDS agenda inspired from the South African model .This is the way of the colonizer, and the colonizer will improvise in order to maintain colonialism. He will produce racism and antiracism and reversed racism , and he will produce sectarianism and religious fight`, and he will promote`sexual polarization and gender alignments under the label of liberating women , and he will seek further partition and division within societies and countries as a sole means to survive . And all these innovations are products of the colonial rule.

Liberation from colonization was the aim in South Africa when Mandela defflected, and in accordance with western powers he gave another turn to things in a way that the Revolution , instead of aiming to end colonization and to retrieve the rights of the people and the land, subscribed to a compromise that gave the political power to the Natives keeping the wealth in the hands of the colonialist and granting privileges to the ANC leaders. It was a made up solution that complicated things even more . What we are witnessing right now in South Africa in terms of instability and chaos and insecurity is the outcome of such deflection and -so called- compromise worked out by Mandela and his partners of the World Order. The same scenario is being prepared for Palestine with Marwan Barghouthi as the Palestinian Mandela. This is one scenario, there are others that seek to liquidate the Palestinian Cause .

The Venemous Cobra of Colonialism has no cure but death and the liberation and sovereignty of the people.


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This is all staged , Russia could have been threatened also and sanctioned like others in the mothers milk issue in which US wanted to intefere against breast feeding , but this was not meant to be, and Russia succeeded where other nations failed in doing which is to pass the resolution as it is . Is US afraid of Russia ? Definitely not . And it is not that Trump wants to prevent mothers from breastfeeding their babies , definitely not . What Trump wants probably is to promote Russia and make it look as the savior of baby infants.

It is all a distribution of roles in one play in order to have people feel that they need Russia , and that they have in Russia a strong asset to their cause as people . All this in order to cheat people around the world, and especially threatened dispossessed people, and make them rely on external powers rather than their own potential and capacity . This is a trip on which people around the world are expected to embark thinking that Russia will help . This has happened to Syria , and now Syria has become totally under Russian custody and has no will of its own and no power of decision, it has become an affiliate to Russia and revolves around it , and the Country is under the control of Russia who keeps military bases and forces in Syria .

Thus, Russia will take over from USA that has become totally exposed as a dubious controversial power .This is how instead of appearing as hateful Trump , the World Order will appear as savior merciful Putin , and this is supposed to make a big difference. The World Order is to appear in a different form . But the truth is that rather than being single headed with US leading, the world order will become multiheaded, with Russia being one of those heads and China and BRICS and Shanghai among the other heads of the new world order monster. While they speak of multi polarity , it is an apparent distribution of roles in the one prevailing thing that will happen. Under this light , one can see how the Russian role is growing to qualify for solving the Palestinian issue, and the Chinese role also that intends to gather a world conference to discuss the Palestinian cause .Will the Palestinian issue be solved thus? No, they are all seeking to liquidate the cause.

All these powers are new avenues for the world order to engage in . Remains the Yemeni choice to rely on one’s own self and one’s own capacity and grow up to the challenge without counting or betting on any external power, unlike Syria who brought the wolf to its garden or the bear if you prefer in order to take what belongs to the Syrians . Russia is eligible to play this role in every country that is being challenged and undergoing trouble . We warned and we are still warning about embarking on this Russian trip that is but a world order trip .

The Yemeni model is what people aspire for , that the leader of the Resistance Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah wishes to join . There is a heavy price that the Yemenis are paying but it is not different from what the Syrians have been paying; the difference lies in the final attainment that is priceless.


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Economy is the name of the game . Is`wrong who thinks that the predators live day by day. The predators plan for years to come and they can start planning before centuries . israel was conceived centuries ago , and so the deal of the century , the war on Syria, the nuclear deal , all were preconceived , and what we see is the unfolding of what has been already planned . It was intended to withdraw from the nuclear deal and to impose sanctions on Iran and have Iran go over other economic choices. The reason why Qatar has been banned by Saudi Arabia is to help create a pole which Iran can join at least economically , and to build this economic partnership between Qatar and Iran that has already started . The promotion of Qatar and Turkey as Countries ruled by Muslim Brothers so to speak is also intentional and addresses Iran as a Muslim country . .Also the Eurasian Union , and the Shanghai organization and the BRICS , they all address Iran as poles different from the world order in appearance, and they offer themselves as alternatives to the Axis of the Resistance. After the siege and sanctions that lasted years will come the promises of leisure and prosperity . The Iranians are already being lured into this and are falling for it , not just the masses but the government also that is thus oriented and has the tendency of opening up to the west . Many Iranians are seeking material comfort as a priority . Iran the Revolution is something else, and has a different set of priorities. Whether Turkey or Qatar or Russia, all are countries that have strong relations with israel that are old relations to which Iran is expected to be drawn . After succeeding in drawing Syria away from the Axis of the Resistance by catering to its`alliance with Russia , now comes Iran’s role. But this proves more difficult . The Revolution in Iran is still alive and strong with its solid leadership determined to continue implementing the goals of the Revolution and, instead of economic openness , is calling for the resisting economy made of austerity , self sufficiency and autonomy .


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Maybe you miss Antonia Mosqueda , the foreign activist living in Tehran that is on foreign payroll , or you miss Mister Mosqueda. her husband who follows his wife to the letter . Mister Mosqueda is not wasting his time either , and he has embraced the women’s cause . The couple are waging for the gender alignment in Iran which is the Soros agenda through which the predators hope to infiltrate societies and create polarity between genders that will tear apart the social fabric . This is part of the soft war waged on Iran , and Mister Mosqueda has been lecturing on women and addressing women . For an ex revolutionary guard , this is a big step. Imagine Mister Mosqueda lecturing on women for 5 hours . One must really believe in such stuff to spend so much time elaborating , and Mister Mosqueda must have been greatly inspired by his wife who is really at a loss o f what to do with the other gender and therefore has sent her husband to lecture women and enlighten them regarding their future . Mister Mosqueda is not as skilled as his wife , he is like fifty fifty , and he needs more practice in monitoring his audience , but one must start somewhere, and Mister Mosqueda has a bright future in case he keeps on his wife’s path , and in case his wife stays on the Soros track . Too bad for Iran . But these people are mere shadows , they do not count , they will disintegrate the minute the sun shines on Iran
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Tunisia subject to a terrorist attack today due to which 9 Tunisian soldiers were killed in an ambush on the borders with Algeria. Instability is`reigning in Tunisia , and the Nidaa ruling party will break its alliance with the al Nahda Party lead by al Ghannoushi,which is the Tunisian version of the Muslim brothers . This means that the government lead by a member of al Nahda Party will be replaced . Local observers say that the alliance between the two – the al Nahda Party and the Nidaa’ ruling Party – is strong and will continue and survive despite their separation because what brings them together is greater than what separates them, and it is that they both do the world order bidding and are maintaining and improving their Gulf relations whether with KSA or Qatar or other, and they have embarked on the normalization trip among other trips which is causing a big problem.

This attitude is not helping solve the local problems because the rule is outwardly oriented , and what al Ghannoushi cares about is for his party to remain in power at whatever cost. He is ready to sacrifice anything for this purpose. Previously, during the Arab Spring, al Ghannoushi sent thousands of Tunisians to Syria to fight the Syrian Army carrying on to the letter the world order agenda . This affiliation to alien agendas does not help Tunisia solve its problems that are many from terrorism to unemployment and other.

Since the Arab Spring started in 2011, it is destabilization that was meant for Tunisia that is continuing up to this hour under the label of change . Maybe Tunisia was spared the fate of Syria and Libya, but unrest is definitely in store for Tunisia as for all Arab countries because this is what will help implement the new Middle East scheme that will help israel survive in this hostile environment

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