our blood flowed like rivers to satisfy the thirst of the white man. and nothing can quench their thirst except to immolate us . Beware , beware of befriending the white man . All they asked for in the beginning was a shelter and now they would not accept less than usurping our country from the east where the sun rises to the west where the sun sets .

Native Chief Tecumseh 1811

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Russia is not satisfied with US and says that the presence of US forces on the Syrian ground is totally illegal . This statement was delivered by a Russian officer and one wanders what has happened suddenly that the US presence has become illegal in Syria , and it is not too late . The Russian rule is the most hypocritical among rules, besides being the most corrupt . And they dare speak about the US presence, and they are the ones who invited the Coalition strikes and imposed them on Syria, and the US forces are in Syria almost since 2014, and they have built their seventh military base without the base Russian saying anything, and now – suddenly- the US presence has become illegal.

Who are these Russian officers and officials, and why they think people to be stupid and gullible ? Is it because no one is questioning Putin or holding him accountable or assessing his rule ? Here is a guy trained by his masters- the Bush family- who has been feeding on the Syrian blood to promote himself as an international player, and has come to Syria uninvited , and has brought with him all the others , the Americans and the Europeans and the Turks and the Egyptians, not to speak of the thousands of thugs that he allowed out of Chechnya and Dagestan to head to Syria, and who has been coordinating for years with US and israel, and now he says the US is illegal in Syria .

The truth is that after coordinating and cooperating for years with US forces directly or indirectly , now the time has come when showing enmity to USA is required in order to prove that what Syria is achieving in terms of retrieving areas and expanding towards the Iraqi borders is due to the merit of the Syrian Army , and has not been coordinated with USA, but achieved against US will which is a total aberrance because, all what we see as far as progress on the ground on behalf of the Syrian Army is concerned , has been coordinated and agreed upon between Russia and US , and any transgression of the terms of the agreement will be punished as we have seen.

Syria wants to show off and give the impression that it is capable of achieving on the ground, and can manage on its own without the forces of the Resistance, but the US is here to draw the limits and remind Syria of its limitations

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Unless Arabs and Muslims learn what happened to the Native indigenous of America many centuries ago, they will never know what is happening to them and what is in store for them , because what happened to the Native indigenous of the New world will happen to all natives, and the turn of each will come in due time . Previously, we blamed the massacre and extermination of the Native Indigenous of America and their physical and cultural genocide on their lack of civilization and on their savagery, and on the state of primitiveness that characterized them, justifying thus their genocide on behalf of the predator .Since this historical moment that started 600 years ago , the genocide of Natives around the globe has never stopped . And like we blamed the Native culture on the massacre of the Natives of America , today we blame the Muslim culture for the massacre of Arabs justifying once more the genocide of Natives and allowing the predator to get away with his crime. Until we blame the predator colonialist west for these crimes against humanity and none other , this genocide of peoples will continue on and on and will be justified every time . .

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The Saudi King Salman bin Abdel Aziz appoints his son Mohammad bin Salman as heir to the throne to replace Mohammad bin Nayef the real heir to the throne relieving Mohammad bin Nayef from all his duties , the decision was approved by the Guardian Council and by Muhammad bin Nayef himself who wished good luck to the future king and who would have to be satisfied with the decoration he received from the CIA lately for his efforts in serving US interests in the region at the detriment of the Arab people. The Next step is for the king who suffers from Alzheimer to abdicate in favor of his son Mohammad bin Salman . This comes all with US green light and approval that seem to have put the whole gulf under KSA custody . If this is true , this means that all countries will become another Bahrain. But this is not final of course and God knows what awaits KSA because the US is known for not sparing its stooges, and many say that another Spring is about to bloom in the Arab Peninsula. All in all, this shows that the war on Yemen will not end soon, and the US- Saudi massacre of Yemenis will continue while another alignment will take birth : a Qatari- Turkish- Muslim Brothers alignment that will try to assimilate HAMAS and contain Iran. and that is also pro US and israel.


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What made Iran operate strikes in Syria is that it was attacked within its borders otherwise Iran would not have taken this step .
Iran informed Syria about these strikes and operated in Syria for the first time by strikes against ISIS that were successful .Iran had to retaliate to this assault .

The core of this war is Iran and the Axis of the Resistance and Iran is targeted as much as Syria is although this war is happening on the Syrian ground . But Syria acted as if it were not part of this Axis and started singing its own tune and dancing to its own Axis , otherwise Iran would have retaliated before.

Now Iran has retrieved its right to share in this war after it became clear that it is the Axis of the Resistance that is targeted and Iran as a pillar of this Axis

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Why the Syrian rule never protected Syria is another question . Why didn’t the Syrian rule use air strikes to protect its borders, and why did it let tens of thousands of terrorist thugs cross the borders from Turkey ? From the beginning why didn’t it act like a sovereign state and protect its people ? Who confiscated the Syrian rule decision? Who will not allow Syria to fly its jet fighters near the borders of Turkey and why Syria accepted this black mail? Why Syria was in need of adequate weapons when it is part of the Axis of the Resistance and could get all the weapons it needed. Why did it tie the hands of the Resistance and of Iran and will not let them lead the battle despite their qualifications and readiness and disposition ? Why did Syrian shun the Resistance? Did it consider the Resistance a terrorist group or was it warned not to cooperate or draw closer to its allies but rather be satisfied with Russia ? Why when Iran can successfully target ISIS not give the permission to Iran to lead the battle against Terror? So many questions that remain with no answer and that explain why Syria did not win this war

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As usual Russia, will offer lip service and will stop the air safety agreement with US as an answer to shooting down a Syrian jet fighter near al Raqqa by the Coalition air force , and the Syrians have not been able to retrieve the pilot . Russia also said that it is ready to retaliate to any transgression which is mere talk as usual .The Russians will never confront US . The truth is that since the war started Syrian air fighters were not allowed to fly in certain places even before Russia came to Syria especially close to the Turkish borders, and they were threatened in case they attempted to do so . . Syrian planes were not able to transgress certain limits within the Syrian air space and this has not changed probably. So many things we don’t know about this war , and so many things remain hidden that the Syrian rule will not reveal among them why Iranians and Hizbullah who were there to help Syria and the Syrians and to help the rule had their hands tied in Syria and for what purpose ?

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