A very nice fictitious piece by Pepe Escobar who should try his skills in writing fiction . Why we say this is because this article has very little to do with reality but will be a very nice piece of fiction that shows the author’s skills in writing stories .. Who imagines that war is about to break between USA and Russia forgets that there is cooperation between Russia and USA especially in Syria for example and in other places , and any differences if they exist will never develop into a war between the two , and that Trump and Putin are partners and belong to the same world mafia and that Putin has a role in bringing Trump to power . But this is not our topic here , and the truth is that this article tries to mislead people by giving the impression that the struggle is between China, Russia on one side and USA on the other , forgetting totally Iran and the Resistance as if there were no struggle between US and Iran, and as if it were not the major struggle, and as if israel was not at the heart of this struggle . This is in order to camouflage this struggle by Escobar that is the major struggle in the region and create other virtual struggles that neutralizes the struggle with israel . the article even says that : ” What matters is that even indirectly, the Russia-China strategic partnership has made it very clear that Tehran will be protected as a strategic asset – and as a key node of Eurasia integration.” The truth is that this is no more fiction by Escobar, this is simply lying , No one protects Iran, neither China nor Russia and no one dares to confront US in this matter . , It is Iran that is confronting US alone and targeting USA and bombing its air bases and shooting down its drones and threatening it despite the fact that it is under siege and under sanctions . And it is Ansarullah who are fighting US in Yemen . There is no war between US and Russia as this article tries to picture , nor a coming US -Russian war or any form of confrontation. There might be tension but not more, and there is more cooperation and coordination . But Escobar needs to wage for his Eurasian entity and the Eurasian entity includes israel , and the name israel is clear on the map where Palestine is , and it is part of Eurasia as the map says. So, Escobar wants to tell us that Eurasia- with israel at its heart – is at odds with the USA to the point of engaging in war against USA . This is really gross , and makes no sense and wages for Eurasia as a new bosom to israel under the pretext that is is in polarity with USA . Such misinformation and ill intention have rarely been seen .

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