The Popular Crowd said that it will share in the battle of Talla’far to liberate around 1500 km2 of Iraqi land. The Popular Crowd had said earlier that it will not share in this battle in which US forces are contributing .

There are around 3 thousand ISIS thugs in Talla’far , and the Popular Crowd will share in this battle the same way they shared in al Mosul battle, and will have a supportive role unless they are asked to get directly involved .This is to say that the US is establishing a military base in the area of Talla’far and two days ago, the US airforce raided on the Popular Crowd on the Syrian-Iraqi borders for more than an hour killing 40 martyrs from the Crowd . The leadership of the Popular Crowd said it had evidence that the US forces are operating landing in ISIS land on a regular basis, and that the Crowd has recorded videos about these regular landings .

There are attempts at dismantling the popular Crowd and dividing it and dismantling it and have the other part join the Army and prevent the Crowd from fighting beyond the borders . Among those who want to dismantle the popular Crowd is Muqtada al Sadr whose star is rising, and who seem to prepare himself to become the next Iraqi Prime minister s and his chances are high. His anti Iran slogans are no doubt helping him promote himself whereby he has been hosted by KSA lately besides having good relations with the USA . Al Sadr is raising the anti corruption slogans, and also the national unity slogan, and the civil society slogan , but his anti Iranian stands is`the key to his promotion . Some sources say the Religious Reference in Iraq is also backing him .

Iraq is facing big challenges that the country is not up to . The return of the US occupation is one of them , and the presence of 18 Turkish military training camps to train the Sunni constituent and further the divisions , not to speak of ISIS that is still in al Anbar and in al Huweija in Kirkook also . Add to all this the referendum that the Kurds intend to conduct in Kurdistan in order to separate from Iraq and annex other provinces to the separate state like Kirkook and parts of Ninewa .

Iraq is trying to survive all this , but how to survive with the US and Turkish military presence . Iraq is`trying to reach a compromise by opening up to Jordan and KSA and distancing itself from Iran in another concession offered to USA


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