One would have to ask where the boats of solidarity have gone when Gaza is plunged in darkness and lacking everything especially medication. These were just maneuvers to introduce the Arab Spring to the Arab World . The al Qassam Brigades has proposed – today- that HAMAS no more administers Gaza and leaves the place vacant which will leave a place to all possibilities including war .

No one is standing for Gaza, and certainly not the West Bank which is very shocking . Instead of rallying to support Gaza and pressure the Palestinian Authority to stop the siege on Gaza and have fuel and medication reach their brothers in the district . The West Bank is acting as if Gaza`was not Palestinian. The predators have succeeded in isolating Gaza from the West Bank and in increasing the pressures on HAMAS from the inside.

The predators are besieging Gaza the same way they are besieging Yemen also and starving the Yemenis and depriving the Palestinians of Gaza from medical care and medication and from electricity and money, and they are cutting salaries and withholding indemnities on 50 thousand people in the district .

Whether in Yemen or in Gaza, a terrible crime is being committed . The predators are blackmailing the people withholding their necessities and livelihood . It is not the first time that the predators act this way , they had killed the White Buffalo previously to starve the Native Indigenous , and burned the potato crop to starve the Irish, and now they are starving Yemen after starving Somalia . And the only way to survive is not to take the food from the predator as the UN intends to do in Yemen, but to fight the predator and resist and defeat him, and this is what HAMAS is realizing .There is no other way to secure food or medication


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