Ma’loula the oldest Christian City after Jerusalem, not far from the eastern Lebanese borders is slowly recovering . The town had been subject to terrorist attacks in 2013 and has been liberated in 2015 by the the Forces of the Resistance and the Syria n Army . This holy town where the language of Christ is still spoken could be taken as an example of what happened to many cities and towns in Syria that lead to the present situation whereby people were exposed to terrorist attacks and left to provide for themselves without having anything to defend themselves with. .

In Sept 2013 , the Syrian Army evacuated its positions at the entrance of the city and they fled before the thugs or they coordinated their exit with the thugs . In all cases ,the town and its inhabitants became totally exposed as a result , and the thugs of ISIS entered Ma’loula . They were also helped and invited by a number of local people from the inhabitants of Ma’loula themselves who invited the thugs in, and helped them find their way around delivering their own neighbors and citizens to hired thugs from Chechnya and Dagestan against money probably or in order to fulfill the dream of Khilafa on the remains of Syria and Syrians .

On how many levels there were inefficiency and shortcomings not to speak of something else ?
Whether the Syrian Army , who left its positions at this critical moment , or the inhabitants who subscribed to the terrorist agenda, or the lack of awareness in people themselves who proved to be short sighted and totally unprepared relying on virgin Mary without helping themselves so that Virgin Mary intercedes in their favor . This lead the Catholic priest of Ma’loula to say : We did this to our selves . We failed in protecting the people and the community and in saving the churches and the precious icons . This precious Holy place was in our custody and we we were not up to the task. The Syrian Catholic priest from Ma’loula had the courage to admit the defeat and admit the mistakes and shortcomings , we are not seeing the Syrian rule doing the same . Instead we are being submerged by the narrative of victory. The Catholic priest next time will not let this happen to his church and community but the Syrian rule has not learned this lesson that costed so much for which so many were sacrificed and displaced.

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