While the Syrian opposition abroad is falling apart , the head of the High Commission of Negotiations – Riyad Hijab- has resigned and submitted his resignation to the Saudi minister of Foreign Affairs al Jubair after the thugs of the opposition have been evacuated from al Mosul and defeated in Lebanon . And while the Syrian Army is allowed by US and Russia to proceed in the Syrian Badiya and gain ground in Deir Ezzur and Suweydaa’ , the situation is expected to escalate and there is no settlement that is to be reached in the near future for Syria.

The war will continue against the forces of the Resistance , but Syria will be an open field to all the forces who seek a favorable place in the World Order setting that is remodeling itself – according to academician Talal Atrissi – in order to acquire a new look . For this reason, all are trying to prove themselves and secure their place and prove their good intentions – including the Syrian rule itself- and all are competing to reserve their place in the new setting that the World Order is expected to offer..

For this reason, there is lack of clarity and confusion in Syria , and forces – like Turkey- are unable to determine their role and their function, and the same applies to the Kurdish forces , and to the Egyptians – who have been invited lately – and the Jordanians and the Saudis and others .

What is remarkable is that the Syrian rule also is part of this competition whereby it is rushing to compete with others over the control of its own soil . and has to overcome the Kurdish obstacle and the Turkish one and others to prove its right over its` own territory . Those who are not part of this barren competition are the forces of the Resistance of Iran and Hizbullah even if they are still in the field , and they are the ones to be singled out and targeted not by Terror this time but by those who will replace Terror on the Syrian ground, and they are many among all those mentioned above 

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