About 800 casualties in Deir Ezzur and al Raqqa since the Coalition strikes started more than a month ago on both cities . Just yesterday 24 civilians were killed in al Raqqa alone among them 15 children . Also yesterday a women’s hospital was hit in al Raqqa . The plan is to force people to leave from both areas which is happening in great numbersbecause US has other plans for these two areas that we will learn in due time especially that now other forces than the Syrian army and its allies will be sent to Deir Ezzur to share in its liberation and among them the SDF and other armed factions CIA trained that will be brought from the south. This not to speak that what is happening in al Raqqa or Deir Ezzur is also being coordinated with Egypt whose presence and influence on the ground has become more evident after being invited by Russia .

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