Venezuela is fighting alone for its integrity and Freedom, and is being targeted from all sides . The conspiracy against the country is escalating visibly, and all are turning their backs and contributing in setting up the country , and the last one to have contributed to this conspiracy is Mercosur that has expelled Venezuela as a member .

This comes at the time US decided that it is time for the Bolivarian Republic to have its Spring . This Spring had already started in Latin America by deposing Dilma Rousseff- in Brazil -on the fake evidence of corruption, and installing CIA operative Michel Temer as president , and has continued to threaten Venezuela in order to subdue the `country that Chavez had saved from the predators for the last decade.

Despite this, and despite the fact that Venezuela is known for standing and supporting the oppressed people everywhere, no one is saying one word in favor of Venezuela, not even Iran which is a big shame . But Iran under Rouhany is no more Iran. It has become something else, and Rouhany is busy with his inauguration attended by Mogherini and other foreign officials who came to give their blessings to the new elected president . And Master Putin -of course- is busy practicing his favorite sport and setting up Syria, and extending the life of the Terrorist groups by relocating them and recycling them and rehabilitating them. As for Shanghai and BRICS they are non existent and do not count, and it is enough that Russia and China and South Africa are members of the BRICS to make the BRICS inefficient . What did BRICS do to save Brazil from the US conspiracy? Nothing.

Venezuela is resisting, and Venezuela knows that it is a challenge that Venezuela would have to face alone against the predators that have all rallied against it. It is a challenge which- if met- will cause the Revolution to grow and mature, and this is what Maduro means in Spanish it means Mature . We stand fully behind the Bolivarian Republic and behind President Hugo Chavez and President Maduro. Venezuela will survive by the people’s determination and by God’s will . Those who are backing off have only themselves to blame.


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