Sources say that the president of Afghanistan -Ashraf Ghani- was not well received at the inauguration of president Rouhany. No doubt that the president of Afghanistan cannot compete with Federica Mogherini , and many Iranians have their eyes and hearts set on the foreigners, and this is clear from the way foreigners are received and welcomed .You talk about Pepe Escobar who- not long time ago – insulted the supreme leader in his articles . Now , he goes to Iran , and his visa is waiting for him at the airport with special escort. It is not that he has repented or apologized, and who knows if he will not repeat his insults again, and who knows if it is not because of this that he is welcomed in Iran .

You talk about Catherine Shakdam of the`Shiawarma Show ; how she is promoted everywhere and hosted as spokeswoman of Iran, she works for foreign security agencies and for Wikistrat, and does not hide her credentials . The truth is that Iran has become infiltrated to the bone, and this is no secret, and this will not change for the five coming years of Rouhany’s rule. This is what the majority of the Iranians wanted and chose for themselves and for their country.

This is the Iran of Rouhany .This is to say that the leadership is no doubt aware of all this, and leader Khamenai knew who was the proper and best president for Iran and it is not Rouhany, but he wanted that the Iranians choose their president and bear the responsibility of their choice, and learn whom to choose as president. But there is a price to pay for learning, and the leader was for paying the tuition and bearing the cost because he wanted an independent Iran that rules itself by knowledge and wisdom. Now, that school has started we hope that the Iranians will study and learn and choose what suits Iran and the Revolution

This state of things will not last endlessly but will change . This is momentary, and it is enough that the leadership and others are aware of this to make things change. Iran will retrieve its Revolution .

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  1. danielmabsout says:

    Let all people remember what happened in 2013 during Chavez’s funeral when Doctor Ahmadinejad was consoling Chavez’s mother who was mourning her son as if he was consoling his own mother . People criticized him for consoling even though his act was justified seeing how much the lady was in distress. . But how to justify the behavior of such people among them parliament members and religious people running after Miss Italy (Mogherini) and taking selfies with her ?

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