The Israeli air force has raided ISIS in Libya. . The al Akhbar local News Paper reported that the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army: CIA asset – Khalifa Haftar- in his latest visit to Jordan asked the israelis who work in the MOC room of AMMAN to help Libya fight ISIS , and it seems that the Israelis answered his call and sent their air fighters to target ISIS in Libya , in Sirt precisely . The article`says` that that the whole thing has `been coordinated through the UAE and that Haftar also received weapons` and equipment from israel and was praised by the israeli media who revealed that Haftar promised the israelis many deals mainly oil deals and other deals . If this shows something , it shows that the efforts of Bernard Henry Levy at the beginning of the Libyan Spring were not wasted but bore their fruits. No doubt that this step is expected, and the anti Terror Coalition promoted by Putin whereby the sponsors of Terror will fight terror is materializing , and after Turkey and US, israel was expected to join the anti terror front according to the Russian world order agenda . It is not too far fetched to think that these israeli anti terror strikes might happen elsewhere where ISIS is being fought if they did not happen already.


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