Lebanon is totally cleansed from al Qa;ida . There is no al Qa’ida or al Nusrat in Lebanon. The terrorist thugs have left the Barren Hills like thieves in the dark, their faces covered and their heads also and looking down. They were not proud of themselves. They probably felt the shame of their actions. They were accompanied by the Lebanese and the Resistance flags planted on the two sides of the road while the buses passed by, and while a drone was flying over the convoy carrying the Resistance flag fluttering in the skies.

Very few could catch sight of the thugs because they had drawn the curtains of their buses so as not to be seen. Not even the children were heard. All were plunged in total silence holding on to their personal weapon, the only weapon they were allowed to keep. They had burned before they left their medium and heavy weapons and other things too .They burned their arsenals . There is no more any trace of them in the Hills of Irsal , and the Resistance announced this that Lebanon is totally cleansed from al Nusrat as an armed faction, and the Resistance was successful in defeating them totally and eradicating them. It is as if they were never here in Lebanon. It is a miracle that has happened .

Humiliated and defeated, the criminal thugs of al Nusrat left behind them a united Lebanon where all Lebanese rallied in favor of this achievement and celebrated together the victory over the criminal thugs and the release of the heroes of the Resistance . The Christian families carried the flowers and the sweets to greet the heroes and the fireworks and the banners filled the sky . An incomparable victory .

Why such victory was never witnessed in Syria is the question , why Syria is not able to cleanse itself ? Why is it accommodating thugs and taking them from place to place and relocating them and rehabilitating them and taking them in the Army and negotiating with them and recognizing them and adjusting to them?

Syria fared very poorly in this war . Where did Syria fail? It failed as a member of the Axis of the`Resistance . It failed in Palestine first and played on the Palestinian differences more than anything else even if it stood against the peace agreements , but it did not help the cause itself. It failed in Syria and never tried to retrieve the Golan Heights or to start a Resistance there. It failed in Lebanon also and was asked to leave in year 2005 after ruling Lebanon with Saudi green light and putting its Intelligence services in charge of the country .

Syria failed in this war due to its previous failures in Lebanon and Syria and Palestine .Syria failed in relating to Lebanon or Palestine and failed in treating these countries as equals and pars and as one’s own self ; it tried to affiliate them and benefit the Syrian rule rather than benefit Lebanon and Palestine . Had Syria been able to break this isolation and relate to these countries and create a togetherness , it would have definitely overcome the criminal thugs . But the Syrian rule wants perennity even if the cost of this perennity is Syria itself and the Syrians. The priority of the continuity of the Syrian rule over anything else is what isolated Syria and made Syria unable to meet this challenge .


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