Bismillah wal hamdulillah
Assalamu Alaykum
i had promised to speak after the battle with al Nusrat in order to clear few things and define responsibilities
i greet and salute the released prisoners and congratulate the Martyrs and the wounded and i bless the Mujahideen and congratulate the Lebanese people
we still have remains of martyrs that are with the thugs and we still have missing people and at least one prisoner in the battle of al Badiya and i am taking personally care of the matter

first the last battle and what has been achieved
i will raise few points that will help other issues
Permit me to praise the work of sayyed Abbas Ibrahim and we are grateful to him
in relation to Syria , we have to do justice., This battle was approved by the Syrian rule and we fought together with the Syrian army who also sacrificed
what helped finalize the battle is to fight on two fronts the Syrian and the Lebanese and al Nusrat had to fight on both fronts
The Syrian leadership accepted to cooperate with the Lebanese . The Syrians could have refused to cooperate and not take this additional load in order to relieve the Lebanese
The Syrian rule showed high ethics in this matter and did not put as condition to deal with the government as such
they did not put a limit to the number of people either
the operation was made easy and the Lebanese should know and appreciate
we have to be grateful to the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Red Crescent also

As for negotiations i tell the politicians to ponder over this , There was no UN and no Red Cross who sponsored this move and the exit to Syria . the guarantor was the Resistance in Lebanon and in Syria was the Syrian government
The Syrian government always was committed to the terms of the agreement
Let no one think that there is need for the UN
it is Syria that has to be addressed regarding the return of the refugees
this issue should be dealt from a humanitarian view point and not political or financial
The President of the Republic gave permission to Brigadier Ibrahim to act and negotiate
We appreciate what the president of the Republic said in his speech on the Army’s anniversary about what has been achieved
the head of the parliament gave support and this is also appreciated
The Prime minister also gave a green light to Brigadier Ibrahim to start the negotiations , we appreciate this also
All in all the government assumed its responsibility regarding this matter
We while fighting in Irsal we fought using the equipment that was provided by the Islamic Republic . and there are other things that the Islamic Republic offered so we have to thank them too

There are still Saraya Ahlu Sham who want to leave and also families who want to leave with them
i repeat that whenever the Army is ready to replace the Resistance , the Resistance is ready to hand in all the positions in Irsal to the Army and the people will be more comfortable
We have achieved this thing successfully

As for the Hills that ISIS controls
it controls a big portion in Syria and in Lebanon half in Lebanon and half in Syria
it 296km2 , 141km2 in Lebanon
and the borders are clear . The nature is similar to that of Irsal and of Fleeta, and ISIS controls the heights
It is clear now that the liberation of Ras Baalbeck and al Qaa’ Hills will be undertaken by the Lebanese Army
We had decided to carry on this mission , but we are happy that the Army fights this battle
The Lebanese Army is capable of engaging in this battle and does not need help and it is an insult to ask for the help of US

the problem is not in the Army , the problem lies in the political decision
Who prevented that the Lebanese Army from engaging directly in the battle of Irsal ? The Army has the potential
why then when the Army was attacked and abducted 3 years ago , the Army did not assume the responsibility to defend itself . If this decision was taken we would have helped
Who prevented the army from liberating Irsal and defending the Army ? Did the Resistance prevent the Army from defending itself?
The problem lies in the political decision
the ones who want to build a country should reconsider their choices
If this decision has been taken regarding ISIS , the Lebanese Army will fight on Lebanese soil and we put ourselves at the disposal of the Army
and we hope that the Army will reap a quick victory with minimal losses

The Syrian Army will open a front and the Resistance will fight on the side of the Syrian Army
if someone objects that this front on the Syrian side should not be opened this means that he is setting up the Lebanese Army and jeopardizing it
The Front will be one front and the timing will be that of the Lebanese Army . If the two fronts are open this means that the battle will be less costly
ISIS should know that there is a final decision and it is a matter of days and it is a Syrian decision as well and ISIS will face a battle over which there is total Lebanese consensus
i tell ISIS that the Lebanese and Syrians will confront you at all fronts and you are defeated by definition
Negotiations are open and the main issue is the fate of the abducted 9 soldiers . If you decide to fight we are ready and the outcome of this battle is known

The last thing i will bring up is how the Resistance will invest in the victory of Irsal . we are not investing, we are doing this for the benefit of the people
As for Lebanon and Kuweit it has surfaced in the Media calling the Abdali cell, the Hizbullah Cell.
i like to highlight the fact that we care and value the position of Kuweit regarding Lebanon and are ready to discuss any controversial issue
As for the Kuweitis who were arrested they have hired lawyers to defend them
we are not hiding anything
what they say that we have sent weapons to Kuweit or we bought weapons from Kuweit or smuggled weapons this is wrong
and we have no cells in Kuweit nor organizations
or that Hizbullah wanted to conspire against the rule in Kuweit , this is wrong
or that Hizbullah is instigating against the rule this is wrong .
We wish well for Kuweit . These are dubious accusations
We value the way the Emir of Kuweit behaves and we hope Kuweit will overcome this situation . We are ready to cooperate in order to get over this understanding

the door of negotiations is open for ISIS if they choose to negotiate , otherwise we are winning this battle no doubt


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