The victory over the thugs of al Nusrat by the Freedom Fighters is one of the rare victories over Terror . It is like the liberation of Aleppo from al Nusrat and more so. It is a Total Irrevocable defeat that Terror suffered in Irsal , that Terror did not suffer in al Mosul nor anywhere in Syria except maybe in Aleppo at the hands of the same Resistance . 

The al Nusrat will not recover after this defeat and the US will have to think of liquidating it after sustaining it and investing in it . It is a scandal that more than 2000 terrorist thugs fully equipped and hiding in tunnels and caves at a high altitude in an arid environment of difficult access did not last more than 48 hours and were defeated by few hundred Freedom Fighters in no time .

Those thugs were especially created to defeat the ` Resistance and not to defeat any one else, and they failed utterly in their mission . This means that the thugs would have to look for another job . This battle of Irsal is the determining element in the future of Terror . This is where the terrorists fate is being decided and the future of Terror as a whole .

The project has failed, and will continue to fail and the world order would have to look for something else to keep the Arab countries busy . Now, they are trying to attribute this victory to the Axis of the Resistance so as to give Syria its share of this victory ! It is he victory of the Resistance and none else .


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