Mister Najah Wakim former Lebanese deputy and founder of the People’s Party should`stop betting on Russia or North Korea or China or on the Syrian rule and should start betting on the people after whom he named his political Party many years ago. Also Wakim should stop investing in Shanghai and BRICS and whatever organizations that are not doing anything to support the people and neither backed Dilma Rousseff when she was deposed by a coup, nor are backing president Maduro in his struggle `against USA. It is shame on Najah Wakim- the founder of the People’s Party- to praise Vladimir Putin who is a usurper of power in his own country, and who takes turns to rule Russia with his lackey Medvedev . Wakim should back the people as he always did and not rulers and systems and usurpers of power , and if he were to praise some ruler let him praise president Maduro who is facing alone a world conspiracy against his country .


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