Fate wanted that the victory over the terrorist thugs in August 2017 coincides with the victory over israelis in August 2006 bringing up the similarity between the two and highlighting the common enemy to Arabs `and Muslims.

The battle that was expected to last one month- at least- lasted 4 days at the hands of the Mighty Resistance and the brave Freedom Fighters. And some say the battle`was finalised in 48 hours but the `Resistance out of modesty stuck to the 4 days version. that was circulating in the Media and did not correct it .

The US administration has not come back yet from its surprise to see so much achieved in such little time . whereby its Intelligence services expected that the battle will last a month not knowing that this is the Lebanese Resistance that is acting and not someone else . The US has helped the Lebanese Army with Intelligent Information and hopes to have shared in this battle also as it is trying to interfere everywhere. The Resistance – as usual- needs no one and is autonomous and self sufficient and efficient and relies on its own potential and resources and draws its strength from itself and from the righteousness of its cause .

This victory is a victory over israel, and the israelis know this very well who are following closely the events and commenting on them. They considered this as a rehearsal to what will happen in the settlements . And they have seen themselves evicted from Galilee in no time the same way they have seen the terrorist thugs of al Nusrat evicted from the barren Hills of Irsal in no time .

The Zionist thugs have already identified with their par- the terrorists thugs – as the Zionist settlers have identified with their pars the Terrorist`settlers and their families who have settled in Lebanese land invited by the UN and funded and sustained by Gulf money . They have seen the terrorist settlers – who are the thugs and their families- in Wadi Hmayyid – dismantling their tents in no time and rushing to have their names registered and become part of `the first group to leave on board of buses to the point that the thugs fired on one another in their rush to board the first buses out of Lebanon . These incidents delayed the whole departure that had to be postponed till this morning .

This is the third victory over israel and like the southerners in Lebanon enjoyed peace and security after liberation in year 2000 , the Lebanese of Irsal will enjoy peace and security and will go back to work the fields and reap the harvest . This is victory over israel and the israelis know this very well, and the Zionist settlers will leave the same way the terrorist settlers are leaving by God’s will at the hands of the mighty Resistance and the`Lebanese Army and people.


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