More than 150 buses will leave loaded with more than 1200 thugs and their families that are more than 6500 towards the Syrian area called Fleeta to head to Aleppo and then to Idlib . The Resistance is guarding the way as promised and has opened the roads and rehabilitated them in order to facilitate`their exit . The Resistance has decorated the roads with the Lebanese and Hizbullah banners, and has brought its tanks to the high hills that it controls. The Resistance will not treat the thugs families the way the thugs treated the Syrian and Lebanese families when they killed their children and elderly by way of trapped cars and long ranged missiles . It is not long time ago when the Children of Fou’a and Kafarya who were boarding buses to be transferred to Aleppo were lured to leave the buses to get some snacks, and a trapped car blew the minute they descended sending hundreds of them to death. These criminals will not be treated the same, and their children will be safe and will leave safely in the buses that were consecrated for their transfer . The Resistance will not kill thugs’ children . This is to say that the thugs have brought their families with them whom they have placed in neighboring camps, and after killing civilians and women and children by trapped cars and missiles , the hired thug will go back to his family to enjoy his wife and children after killing the children of others .

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