A question that`we ask is what does it mean when known FBI agents like Maha Tannous or Mossad agents like Mary Shabbiha Woodward and activists with dubious affiliations who form the activists’ cartel like Vanessa Beeley , Eva Bartlet and others like Jonathan Azaziyah praise Bashshar al Assad and support him and back him in every respect . What does it mean when sworn enemies to the Palestinian Armed Resistance of HAMAS hail Assad in every post as the true leader and the `saviour . How to explain this and what to do with this ? And these agents have a large audience of followers and supporters , and many Syrians active on the social media make room for them and host them and tag them and share their posts.

What does it mean when the enemies of the Palestinian Cause and Palestinian rights support Assad ? And the Assad they support is the SECULAR ruler of his country – according to their own say -whom they use and praise not because of what he represents as president of Syria but because by praising him they think they can defame Islam and HAMAS. There is need to answer this `question before anything else .

These activist are acting upon instructions . They are not free lancers . They have an agenda that is to defame the Armed Resistance against israel, and they start by HAMAS because HAMAS is accessible and easily targeted since it is a Muslim Brothers’ branch . The agenda of these activists will not stop here but will include any Islamic armed Resistance against israel namely Hizbullah . This is a dangerous agenda .

Those on fb who befriend these agents and so called activists should reconsider the matter . The social media is not a virtual world that is on its own and totally disconnected from Reality . The social media is here to serve purposes that are real and exist in the real world. Therefore, one should not behave on the social media as if this was a virtual world with no connection to the real world and start befriending Mossad and CIA agents and dubious activists justifying this by the fact that this is the virtual world and NOT the real world. This is not so , the virtual world is not on its own, and has the Real world – as Reference and platform- where from one starts and to which one returns and which cannot be overlooked nor transgressed.

These agents- if they are shunned in Reality – should be shunned on the social media also and anything that one will not do in the real world one should not start doing in the virtual world .


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