The Al Nusrat is `finished militarily in Lebanon, and Lebanon is bidding farewell and good riddance to 9 thousand thugs of al Nusrat with their families who will cross borders towards Syria from the Syrian town of Fleeta . 150 buses will pick up the thugs and their progeny whose number is around 9 thousands and take them to Idlib through Aleppo where the exchange will happen at the green line of al Rashideen . At this point, the`Resistance will receive 5 Freedom Fighters that were held captives in the battle of Aleppo . After that the al Nusrat thugs will head to Idlib , but they will not be admitted inside the city where the headquarters do not want them but they will be relocated in the outskirts of Idlib . 5 thousand thugs and families from Saraya Ahl al Sham also will leave together with their families from the Hills of Irsal as well but those will have their situation settled with the Syrian rule and will go back to their villages and towns`. The plan of having thugs from Syria `settle in Lebanon to change the demography and create problems `with the `Resistance has failed and more Syrian thugs will leave with their families as time goes by. Next comes ISIS turn .


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