The withdrawal of the thugs of al Nusrat from Lebanon is for next week . The hills are totally calm and the Freedom Fighters are finishing cleansing the area and finding the hidden quarters and the hidden arsenals dug with the hills that are around 2000 m high. and more . The thugs manufactured their own missiles, and were fully equipped with the most evolved equipment and devices and had brought special machines for this purpose . The press reporters- local and others – are touring the place now invited by the` Resistance Fighters who will keep them for lunch. The number of `refugees who will leave Irsal is stunning and has reached 5 thousands- sources say – They will accompany hundreds of al Nusrat thugs to head to Idlib on board of around 80 buses . The roads will have to be rehabilitated to be used because there are no paved roads.

How did these people come to Lebanon in these massive numbers in 2014 who come mostly from the Qalamoon area in Syria, from places that were safe relatively and had not witnessed any battles yet ? These people are not refugees, and were not fleeing any battle, they have been told to come and leave their houses behind . They are not refugees, they are thugs’ families, that is what they are , and they were told to leave their homes against some remuneration they will get from the UN . They left and accompanied the men who worked as thugs and who were hired by foreign Intelligence Services and paid with Gulf money . This way, each family had two sources of revenues: one from the UN and the other from oil money through different Intelligence Services – The UN is `a great contributor to funding Terror and sustaining it and has a major role in this operation together with Foreign and regional Intelligence Service .

The strange thing is that the Media will come and blame everything on Islam and on Wahabism , and , they will come and speak about Religion and about fanaticism . Only the money is Arab and Muslim and only the men that are the fuel of this war are Arab and Muslim , everything else is a world Order Scheme at its head the UN and NATO and the various Intelligence Services including the Mossad . This is a`World Order scheme in which the whole World Order apparatus in its banks and institutions and media and think tanks is involved .


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