The battle against ISIS in the barren hills of Ras Baalbeck to the north of Irsal will be launched by the Lebanese Army with the Resistance offering logistic help . This means that the Resistance will play the role the Army played in the hills of Irsal while the Army will play the role of the` Resistance in terms of leading the battle . There are 250km2 that Lebanon and Syria share that the Thugs of ISIS occupy who are `also abducting 9 Lebanese soldiers since 2014 whose fate is`still unknown . To negotiate the exit of ISIS from the Hills is`also offered by the Lebanese Army to the thugs of ISIS ; but ISIS – `whose number is`around`400 – maybe more- will not negotiate even though they are totally besieged from all sides by the Syrian Army and the Lebanese Army and by the Resistance from the Hills` of Irsal, and they have no hosting the surrounding villages like al Nusrat in Irsal This means that the battle will be quickly finalised . It is not expected that the thugs `surrender easily and they are `expected to send suicidals in the neighboring villages and to positions of the Army to blow themselves up and to cause confusion and bloodshed . It is not known when this battle will start . Experts say that the Army is`well prepared for this round while others say that the Army is not well prepared


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