The thing that is`worthwhile mentioning is that the battle against al Nusrat in the Hills of Irsal and the coming battle against ISIS in the Hills of Ras Baalbeck are not connected to what is happening in Syria in any way . They have no repercussions in Syria nor can they be invested by the Syrian rule, . Al Nusrat and ISIS in Lebanon are disconnected from those in Syria and their defeat will not mean their `defeat in Syria , and while Lebanon was celebrating the victory over al Nusrat in the Hills of Irsal, al Nusrat in Idlib was celebrating its`victory over Ahrar al Sham and its full control over Idlib. This shows clearly that these two battlefields have been disconnected, and this is intentional and agreed upon between the different parties on the Syrian ground that the achievement of the `Resistance `will be restricted to Lebanon, and Syria will not benefit from It .In Syria , Al Nusrat will have a different destiny and will be rehabilitated or recycled or`whatever and maybe will sit on the negotiation table .who knows. The separation of the two battlefields is`a World Order decision with which Syria had to comply the same way the` World Order had to comply with the `Resistance decision to finish ISIS and al Nusrat in Lebanon . The great Resistance Achievement in Lebanon will not benefit Syria who needs such achievements more than anything


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