It is amazing how journalists `who support seemingly the Resistance have an agenda that is not in tune with the Resistance .Writer Ghassan al Shami surprised us`all when he said on al Manar TV that HAMAS in Syria is not a Resistance movement . A sentence that does not mean anything . absolutely nothing , First HAMAS is not in Syria and has no business in Syria and what is `happening in Syria is Syria’s` business not HAMAS business . HAMAS has left Syria long ago and has not been involved in Syria in any way . HAMAS is in GAZA defending Gaza and faring well and warding off the attacks and defeating the purpose of the israelis . May Syria learn from HAMAS how to retaliate to israeli attacks , and keep the enemy checked and inflict on the israelis heavy losses . Al Shami shows his` ill intention here trying to say that HAMAS is in Syria but not as Resistance. As what then is HAMAS in Syria mister al Shami , can you tell us please?? Shame on such writers who though reputable and credible err in such an unacceptable `way


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