Bismillah walhamdulillah
Assalamu alaykum
the essential topic is the battle of Irsal and that of Fleeta
We salute the those who are resisting in al Qods and in the West bank and who are protecting to holy shrine with their bear chests
i want to thank Sayyed al Houthi for standing on the side of Lebanon and Palestine in any future war
The Yemenis are the ones who rallied in great numbers in favor of al Qods . i invite all to review their stand
also we are in victory days celebrating the 2006 victory over the enemy
also 1st of August is Army day
i will not answer Trump’s comment on Hizbullah because i don’t want to embarrass the Lebanese officials
As usual what is the goal of such battle ? it is to evict the terrorists from both the Hills of Fleeta in Syria and Irsal in Lebanon
Those who have doubts let them ask the people in the villages of Bekaa and then let him answer the question as to why these terrorists should be evicted

This battle is late and should have happened in 2015
the question is not why now but why it was delayed
we came up with the decision and this is not an Iranian decision nor a Syrian decision .
This is our decision and we have been preparing for this battle and we decided to operate after Ramadan
as for the battle itself . We said that the battle will tell about itself
in the battlefield the AREA THAT WITNESSED the battle around 100km2 under the control of al Nusrat
This area is arid and very difficult to operate in
the enemies know the area perfectly and were well prepared and they have everything in terms of equipment
our men were exposed and targeted and they had to walk long distances
we tried to reach a settlement AND TO HAVE THE THUGS EVACUATE
We had made a PLAN and the Mujahideen showed great enthusiasm
We can say that we have reaped a real great victory and the job was done precisely with the least cost
We fought along the Syrian Army and the Hills of Fleeta are totally cleansed
The army is on the demarcation line with the enemy blocking the way to the thugs up and down
the Army targeted the enemy positions
the Army protected Irsal and the Syrian refugees. irsal was neutralized
even in al Malahi and Wadi Hamayyid the Army was a stabilizing factor
We should appreciate the way Saraya al Sham behaved who made the right choice of withdrawing from the battle that was facilitated by us
This also appeased the people in the camps and we have promised them to facilitate their exit after coordinating with the Army and with the Syrian

the Al Nusrat did not listen to our call to surrender
but they behaved in irresponsible way
Maybe they thought that they could defeat us
They took the wrong decision
they lost in Fleeta and they are just in few km in the Hills in Irsal
they have the ISIS choice that will humiliate them and they will have to obey the Caliph which is degrading
This was a hard battle
Irsal the town remained totally safe and also the camps
Never was Irsal the town targeted
If the Army is ready we will deliver the whole area to the Army
The army should bear its responsibility
the camps will remain safe
and the thugs should be prevented from entering the camps
the question now is where to?
we have to cleanse this area
there is no rush because whoever remains from al Nusrat are trapped
We should choose our weapons carefully because we don’t want to hurt the refugees
we will proceed carefully
and give a chance to other alternatives
we want to eat grapes without necessarily killing the gardener

As for negotiations i can say that there are negotiations led by an official Lebanese
Al Nusrat is not in a position to impose its conditions
the families of the thugs are safe and will not be targeted because we will not target the families in any way of those who killed us and our families
all in all i want to say that we are witnessing a great victory that will be continued
and People will start feeling safe and secured and the al Nusrat occupation will be over
Our Freedom Fighters offer this victory to all Lebanese and all those who suffered from Terror.
To the Christians and Muslims who paid their lives
We are performing our duty and we do not expect anything in return
what about after al Nusrat?
i will leave this to later
This battle enjoyed great support from various categories that expressed itself in many ways
Thanks to all who supported this battle
As for the sacrificers , the martyrs their families , the injured , the Freedom Fighters . This is for all those who resist in different battlefields
i will address those the same way we address Ahlulbayt
you are following the steps of ahlulbayt
the women have taken after Zeinab , and the fighters after al Hussein
you are my father and mother and Self
ad i count how you performed and how you were tested
and how God removed us from humiliation thanks to you
and removed our plight
these are great plights that were threatening us but thanks to you we are relieved
and have grown strong and resilient . May you be well rewarded
May God grant us more victories and safety and security and many thanks to those who show support


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