The Resistance and the`Army are two steps away from victory, and few hours separate us from the final victory over al Nusrat , There `are two areas that are still hosting those who fled the battlefield and they are Wadi Hmayyid and al Malahi, and the difficulty is`that there are refugees in these places`and Lebanese civilians, and the thugs are hiding among them . The Resistance is shelling the positions of al Nusrat in these places after it has taken the headquarters of al Nusrat thugs in Wad ali Khayl , and raised the Lebanese flag over it and pictures of four Martyrs`from the Lebanese Army who were killed by al Nusrat thugs in 2014 .. Arms were caught that were sent to the thugs from Syria and they were confiscated . The Resistance is demining the whole area as well .

What happened is`a miracle , The Resistance is its` own master and master of the battlefield, and no one dictates on the Resistance but the` Almighty . A stunning Victory is`awaiting us all . The Miracle of the Resistance is again manifest before our eyes . God`bless the Resistance . Blessed is this` Resistance, It is `an inspiration to all and a real Revolution.

MAP ABOVE: In red the progress of the Resistance , in green the fields where al Nusrat has fled, in black the area`occupied by ISIS In Syria and Lebanon around 250km2

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