The Resistance is expanding in the Hills of Irsal, and has controlled more hills, and raised the Lebanese flag over these hills . And only 3km2 remain from the 90km2 that al Nusrat occupied from the whole hills The thugs are trapped in Sahel Ajram and Ajram Corner , and also they are present in Wadi Hamayyid and al Malahi that host refugee camps . These camps are not controlled by the Lebanese Army .

What the`Resistance achieved is a great victory in an operation that required thousands of Freedom Fighters that the Resistance undertook with few hundreds, and progressed to take most of the Hills in no time. . Al Nusrat thugs are negotiating again their surrender in the person of their leader Malik al Talli, as they have become dismembered and lost touch with their leadership . What the thugs want mostly is to transfer the battle into Irsal – the town- so as to turn the conflict into a`sectarian conflict whereby Hizbullah will operate in” Sunni” land so to speak . The thugs of al Nusra also have sleeping cells in both the town of Irsal and the refugee camps, and they might attempt at something to disrupt the calm of these two places` that are under the control of the `Army . Al Nusrat is known for cheating and deceiving and they have done this in al Qusayr previously in 2013.

Despite all the victories reaped and the defeat of al Nusrat in less than a`week , there is still no national consensus over this operation where dozens of Martyr`are offering their blood for Lebanon to remain safe and integral , and they are young men who are just starting their lives with this sacrifice . Despite this, some are seeing in this battle a decision that is not a national decision , but these groups are not as strong as before , and they have become undermined and exposed and can no more `defend the Syrian so called “Revolution ” that is nothing but Terror dressed in the garbs of Religion.

On the other hand , we also witness a great support for the Resistance,everywhere , and the Christian Community of villages like Deir al Ahmar and others that are close to the hills have rushed to give blood so as the help the injured Freedom Fighters of the Resistance in the various `hospitals . The support for the Resistance is` growing slowly and surely no doubt for such an immaculate pure `Resistance is`sure to win all hearts for its commitment and bravery and `sacrifice and exemplary behavior .


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