The battle of Irsal is drawing to its end with only 20% of the barren Hills still under the thugs of al Nusrat control . The hordes of thugs have become dismembered and they have lost touch with one another and they are progressing in small groups and they cannot connect with one`another . The reason is`that the`Resistance has controlled all the high hills without leaving any hill , and they are `overlooking the thugs locations whose presence has become `restricted to Wadi Hammayyid and al Malahi . The Resistance`has called on the`al Nusrat thugs who are now only few`dozens` scattered all over the hills to surrender and`deliver their weapons against their safety that the`Resistance `will guarantee . This is not a truce but an offer made under fire . The only choice left to the thugs if they want to continue the battle is to join ISIS `who are also located in the Qalamoon on the Syrian and Lebanese sides . There are around 400 thugs belonging to ISIS, and the battle with ISIS will follow` the one against al Nusrat .The Syrian refugees staying in al Malahi have been evacuated to the town of Irsal for their safety . and they are around 90 . The town of Irsal is`absolutely safe and the Lebanese Army is blocking all ways to it , and the Resistance is protecting both the city of rsal and the Army that has spread around the town . The thugs have not yet responded to the Resistance call and they will do this at their own expense.


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