It is a real scandal and all should remain quiet and be ashamed of themselves , especially the Syrian officials and the Syrian rule affiliates who have allowed Terror to grow and pervade instead of`fighting it . Now, that the Resistance is acting on its own, the Resistance is casting a light on what happened and it is a real scandal because whatsurfaces is that no one really fought Terror despite the anti Terror slogans that the officials in Syria repeated one after the other for more than six years. For seven years they took us on this ride of cheat and deceit . They did not fight Terror or they fought Terror in a way to preserve it and not finish it .

They let Terror grow and and they coexisted with Terror and then they invited all to fight Terror , they invited the Coalition before the Russians , and then the Russians came with their paraphernalia, and the Russians invited the US, and they invited the Turks and every one who wanted a bit of Syria was invited by the Russian culprit .

There are now ten US military bases in Syria because Syria does not want to fight terror but only to fight Terror in name. Such a shame, and all this was planned, and all were part of it . The Russian who was seemingly fighting Terror would coordinate with US, and US thus informed would tell the thugs and the thugs would hide . This is what residents from al Raqqa` testified that the terrorists remained safe while the civilians were pounded , and the truth is that we were taken on the anti terror ride for seven years across Syria . We ask the officials to spare us their comments and remarks . To remain quiet is what decency requires.


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