One wonders what all those fighting Terror were doing during all these years. when the Resistance could liberate and `expel al Nusrat from the major parts of the Hills of Irsal in Lebanon and Qalamoon in Syria in two days? Why the Resistance could do this and not anyone else among those who were fighting Terror , and were these fighting Terror truly and why didn’t they succeed in 7 years where the` Resistance succeeded in two days ? And why terror is still everywhere ? On which ride were we taken in this anti terror business and who was fighting who and why terror is still there everywhere in Syria and in Iraq after so many years ? The Resistance is fighting alone and the Army is helping in blocking the way to the thugs . Why other Armies could not achieve something similar and do away with the terrorist thugs in a short time . The Truth is that the `war on Terror was only a slogan, and no one fought Terror seriously so as to eradicate it, and most of the anti Terror strikes were ineffective and even sought to extend terror’s life , and witnesses say that the terrorists`used to know` before hand of the Coalition strikes and the Russian strikes because the` two coordinate `and they use to move and hide until the`raid is over . With the exception of Aleppo and Diyala and part of al Mosul , there was no serious`war against Terror . The great advantage is that Russia is not around with its rusted weapons and its General Kuznetsov that releases smoke and its winged missiles that miss their target and all this`drama that led to nowhere and this play meant to deceive us . Only the Resistance and the Popular Crowd fight Terror in order to eradicate it .


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