The Resistance is reaping victories at all fronts . After Dahr el Huwwa and Wadi al ‘Uayni the liberation of Wadi al Khayl stronghold of al Nusrat has started . The Resistance has taken hold of many hills like the al Karra and the al Qal’a hill that overlook the Wadi al Khayl and Wadi al Dubb and Wadi al Rihab and others where al Nusrat is positioned. The al Nusrat had 6 passages thus blocked . The pace of the battles has accelerated and the Resistance is progressing very fast on the ground faster than expected, and is first securing the village of ‘Irsal and has achieved this to a great extent as a priority by controlling the`areas that that overlook the village and surround it while the Army is in charge of preventing the thugs from entering to the village or to the refugee camps. Around 50 al Nusrat thugs have been killed on the Lebanese side and more than 23 on the Syrian side where they are also attacked by the Resistance and the Syrian Army starting from the village of Fleeta . Many thugs have surrendered to the Army among them 236 from Saraya ahla Sham that is part of the FSA which caused the faction to ask for halting the battle and starting negotiations . The Resistance is reaping a real victory and israel was the first to express its` worry regarding the excellent performance of the Resistance in the Hills . Today Irsal tomorrow Galilee think the israelis who know that Sayyed Hassan keeps his promises always.


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