Is the fight taking place around al Aqsa Mosque? Are the` Palestinians and Zionist settlers fighting over al Aqsa ? Is the fight over al Aqsa restricted to the electronic doors whereby the removal of these doors will solve the problem? We remember not long time ago the Palestinian prisoners starved` themselves to death to get regular visit rights `and the right to hug their grand children and take family pictures and follow the news . israel said it will meet these demands and the Palestinians ended their hunger strike . But israel did not keep its promise as usual . Is the fight with the usurping state over visiting rights ? Will the Palestinian prisoners be satisfied with this as a limit for their demands ? HAMAS had accused the israelis of igniting a religious war and instigating a religious fight by taking these measures and by deciding to take control of al Aqsa . The truth is that the israelis have everything to gain from turning this`war into a religious fight between two Religions where the solution will be to divide the sacred places equally between the usurpers and the Palestinians and to give them both equal access to al Aqsa and to have them share the land with the usurpers . What is at stake regarding Palestine is not al Aqsa or Jerusalem , it is not even Palestine . The israeli project is a world order project and is not restricted to Palestine it is a project that seeks the subjugation and the annihilation of man . It had started before Palestine and is`continuing after Palestine and humanity as such is threatened. What we are facing in Palestine and other Arab and Muslim countries is an anti human project for the whole world.

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