Restricting Terror to ISIS spares other terrorist factions from being targeted like al Nusrat that has changed its name to Tahreer al Sham but not its behavior . Now , US and Turkey are investing in the Turkestani terrorist faction made of Chinese who left China with their families to come and locate in Syria to found the Islamic Turkestani Party sponsored by Turkey and US and in which both Turkey and US are investing . Their exit was probably facilitated by the Chinese Authorities the same way the exit of Russians from Chechnya and Dagestan was facilitated by the Russian Authorities .Now they are coordinating directly with US and have received fresh weapons . They are known for being well equipped and for having a children’s brigade with hundreds of children from 10 to 14 that were trained and are ready to fight . To those who wonder where did ISIS go we can answer that the Chinese in ISIS after al Mosul joined the Turkestani Army located mostly in Idlib and in Jisr al Shughur precisely . No one is mentioning this new Army that is being equipped by both US and Turkey and ready to operate in Syria. What seems is that ISIS might be dismembered to feed other terrorist groups that have the same mission of establishing Khilafat . The saga of Terror is not over yet.


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