The israelis are maneuvering when they say that they refuse the settlement reached by US and Russia regarding the southern area and that says that the Iranians will withdraw 20km to the north away from the borders, and that both US and Russia will guarantee israel’s security together with Jordan, and a special joint security tower will be raised on the borders to watch everything around . What Netenyahu wants that he could not get is that Iran and Hizbullah evacuate Syria and 20km is not enough . This is a maneuver of course. The truth is that israel wants to know why since the US forces are in Syria with their equipment and tanks , in significant numbers, why can’t they be in charge of israel’s security rather than Russia . What israel should know by now is that the US is reluctant in doing so, and that it has put israel under Gulf custody and precisely KSA, and put Russia in charge of israel’s security for which reason Russia is in Syria . israel does not mind Russia, but minds that US refrains from directly securing israel . The truth is that these times are gone where US used to rush to help its offspring and this mission is now Russia’s mission and Gulf countries mission. to defend israel and provide israel with the proper environment



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