The al Aqsa Mosque has fallen into israeli hands as it seems and the Arabs have no more access to it, and the israelis have confiscated the library and all the historic documents related to the Mosque, and the electronic doors they have installed make them control who enters and who doesn’t . The Palestinians of Jerusalem or the West Bank do not seem ready for this fight now and they are not up to the fight. and they are being illtreated by the usurper and prevented from praying even outside the Mosque. They were assaulted and abused by the israelis while the settlers filled the place . The Palestinians did not seem capable to put the israelis in their right place and this is most worrying because the israelis are maneuvering, and they want to control the Mosque as a first step , and then take over Jerusalem as planned, while the Arabs are unable to sort out their differences , and everyday a new conflict arises to keep them busy and lately the Gulf alignment against Qatar added fuel to the fire and all went out of their minds. This situation raises many questions about the origin and timing of this operation and its purpose especially that HAMAS is in no position to defend al Aqsa right now.


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