The indirect negotiations between Hizbullah and the thugs of al Nusrat have failed in reaching an agreement . The al Nusrat had refused to leave behind their medium and heavy weapons and take only their light weapons before leaving the barren hills of Irsal to head to Turkey, and they also asked for money as part of the deal . The negotiations have stopped now, and Hizbullah is preparing for the battle against al Nusrat while ISIS is under blockade and is asking for an exit towards Deir Ezzur . The Syrian airforce has been pounding the hills of Irsal the reason Lebanese PM protested saying that this is a violation . while other PM objected that these areas were common to Syria and Lebanon and were not exclusively Lebaneseهجوم–حزب-الله–على-جرود-عرسال-يقترب-بعد-فشل-التفاوض-مع–النصرة–لإخلائها

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