Schools are an infiltration on society; a very dangerous infiltration indeed under the pretext of education. This happened when the social order was disrupted in favor of the urban life , and when life started revolving around corporations and around profit, and the interests of the corporation replaced the interests of the society and the individual . 

A new society was born that people needed to belong to , and not everyone was eligible to belong to this new social order . but there were requirements that needed to be met. Thus, the relation of the individual to his tribe or to his family that was a relation of mutual support and a relation of identity in the traditional society was disrupted, and instead of being committed to the individual’s needs, the new social order was committed to its own goals, and had its own purpose where the individual had to fit in a relation of servitude. The new social order works for its own interests . The corporations prepared everything so that the individual be surrounded from everywhere. and be left with no choice . Reducing the individual to total servitude was the objective, and to leave him spiritless was the means . To make this possible Religions and cultures were demonized and defamed .

Culture and art were no more the expression of the individual but were patterns and innovations created by the new social order. and imposed on the individual . Groups like the Beatles and so on, and what they call Modern Art or Pop Art or other were waged by the social order and promoted by this order and precisely by its Intelligence Services . They did not express the individual’s aspirations or originated from them . It was the kind of music that the social order wanted you to hear and the art that the new social order wanted you to see and appreciate and identify with . These were imposed on the individual, and so was education as a whole, and schooling was imposed on the individual . Schooling -as such – had very little to do with education, and the first schools or Kinder Garden schools were created inside the factories so as to allow the women to work . They were not for the sake of the children but for the sake of furthering the factory and furthering industry .

Many cultures were sacrificed in this process of modernization and expansion , and many were excluded. The relation of the individual to himself was sacrificed on the alter of the new society in order to belong to the society at the detriment of oneself . Entire races were banned and genocided; and sciences- human and social and biological – had their share in the process and contributed to the ongoing massacre that was physical and cultural at the same time . Sciences , all sciences, were used to justify this massacre .

Schools were created for this purpose , the purpose of alienating the individual from the culture he belongs to and attach him to another” culture” that was alien to him in order to prepare him to become subject of manipulation on behalf of the new social order whereby he will serve the purpose of the corporation rather than serving his own purpose. In this sense , schools were not created for the purpose of education but for the purpose of de- education, to allow the new social order to sway the individual easily from his purpose and goal and culture and direct him to serve the purpose of another. As a result, we are getting generations of disfigured human beings that have very little humanity left in them .

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