The peace and Bliss that we are obsessed with and looking for and chase after knowingly and unknowingly day and night is not found in any object of the World . “Foxes have dens and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.”said Jesus

We are at a loss to understand how we get satisfaction and happiness from our desires and objects of desire . We are suffering from our objects of desire before we get them because we do not have them , and once we get them we suffer from fear to lose them and if we lose them we suffer as well .

what happens to us is what happened to the two friends who crossed the desert and were thirsty . One of them said i know this village in that direction where they sell cold lemonade . So full of hope they went in that direction thinking about the cold lemonade . When they read the signs about the lemonade, another part of their thirst was satisfied, and when they reached the shop , their thirst subsided even more, and once the huge glass of lemonade stood in front of them a greater part of their desire subsided and they drank it and felt fully satisfied . for a moment they were happy and free of desire .

But to their surprise, they met a friend of them in that shop who insisted on offering them a lemonade and will not desist , so they had to drink another lemonade that turned into something distasteful and displeasing . This shows that the desire and the object of desire are not a source of happiness and could turn into a source of misery and that happiness lies in the cessation of desire for then the happiness and peace that is the Self is no more obstructed by the desires

An old lady once was sewing in her room using a thread and a needle, but the lights went off and the needle fell from her hand so she was searching for the needle outside her room . A man passing by asked about what she was searching for in the streets, the old lady said that she had lost her needle while she was sewing in her room but that it was dark inside , so she is looking for it in the streets that were lit. Like this is the peace and bliss that we have lost in our heart , we are searching for them in the world outside. The old woman must bring light from outside and look for the needle in her room.

In the deep sleep state there was nothing , only peace and bliss. All like the deep sleep though their wealth and objects of desire and love are not there. without anything one is experiencing peace and bliss in the deep sleep because one experiences the Self as it were there .

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