5 Palestinian israeli citizens from the 48 territories were killed yesterday in al Qods .Three of them Martyrs heroes from Umm el Fahm from the Jabbareen family who carried on an operation in the al Aqsa mosque killing 2 israeli policemen that are Palestinians from the 48 territories also and who belong to the Druze community .

The heroes were martyred after the israeli soldiers opened fire on them after they shot at the israeli policemen near al Aqsa . As a result, israel closed the al Aqsa Mosque before all Arabs and, for the first time , there was no prayer and the Adhan was not heard in Jerusalem. This happened after israelis killed 2 Palestinians and injured others when the army broke into the Jenin camp two days ago and fired at the people .The Palestinian Authority protested this measure taken by the israelis and asked for reopening the Mosque at once .No one claimed this operation , not yet, and the israelis call these kinds of operations Lone Wolf Operations because they are designed by individuals who act alone .

No doubt, the war on Palestinians has been going on for decades now , taking many aspects and forms, and israelis have been used against Palestinians, and Arab systems and Arab armies also, and also the sectarian war and the terror – anti terror war . All these were weapons used against the Palestinians and there is even more to come .

We don’t know yet in which context to put this operation, and whether it is part of an Intifada plan or not. No one has claimed responsibility or said anything regarding the goal of such an operation and for what purpose was is it carried on . The latest we witnessed in terms of operations in the West Bank are stabbing israelis or running them over with cars on behalf of Palestinian Freedom fighters in an attempt that was generalized to become various terrorist acts in various European cities against Civilians where terrorists would use knives and cars . How to explain this latest attempt we don’t know but it certainly presents some controversy .


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