Today, 11 years ago in an operation called “THE SINCERE PROMISE”the Resistance captured 2 israeli soldiers from the borders in an operation that was carefully studied and engineered by leader martyr ‘Imad Mughniyye – Hajj Radwan- in order to release Lebanese prisoner Samir al Qantar and his companions . The two soldiers were captured in an ambush that targeted a group of israeli soldiers – more than 5- who were all killed, and it took one hour and a half for the israelis to realize that two soldiers were captured by the Resistance , Few days later, israel waged a war on Lebanon that lasted 33 days, and where it tried to retrieve the two soldiers that it thought to be alive, and reoccupy the south, and defeat the Resistance . Israel could not achieve any of its goals , and could not continue the war due to heavy losses for the missiles of the Resistance reached everywhere in the occupied land . Israel had to stop the war on the Resistance terms, and enter into indirect negotiations with the Resistance after which israel received the remains of the two soldiers against the release of all the Lebanese prisoners in israel This was a real victory that was unforgettable and was to stay for the Resistance and for always . It was at the cost of one thousand martyrs and 3 thousand injured . but Lebanon remained integral and israel learned the lesson of its life of never to attack Lebanon again.


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