two main points in Sayyed’s speech yesterday in his praise of the Iraqi people after the achievement of al Mosul . The model of the Iraqi Popular Crowd that is the initiative of the people to rise and defend their country and protect their people . A recipe for all people facing terror and facing invasion and occupation to rally on a national level beyond Religion and sects and ethnic belonging and to stand as one before the enemy . All people threatened in their lives and livelihood and security should follow this model and become inspired by it . This is a formula that cannot fail and is sure to succeed . without naming Syria , Sayyed is inviting Syria to invest in the Syrians and and trust them in defending the country and the people . Sayyed insisted that the Popular Crowd relied fully on itself without relying on anyone, be it UN or Islamic Conference or foreign forces or anyone else but its own potential and resources and got help from trustworthy allies but relying fully on itself . The second point is the final decision made by the leader of the Resistance to end terrorism and the terrorist factions in the barren hills of Irsal that are Lebanese territories occupied by both al Nusrat and ISIS and there are thousands of them more than 3 thousands. Sayyed will not tolerate any terrorist presence on the Lebanese soil and wants to chase them out of Lebanon to No return . Sayyed had invited the thugs to leave to their place of choice inside Syria- be it Jarablus or Idlib or elsewhere- and had sent an ultimatum but the thugs have not responded which means that their blood will not be spared and that they will be fought and defeated and evicted and it will be their choice . This is the last time i raise the subject of the Hills of Irsal said Sayyed which means that the battle is very close ready and Lebanon is to become integral again.

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