Bismillah walhamdulillah
i like to bring up many subjects and due to the great event that was witnessed i had to address you sooner.
The liberation of al Mosul , to understand this event and draw a lesson from it and it is connected to the future of Iraq and the Umma
The victory announced yesterday is a great and big victory
and was the accumulation of many small victories achieved by Iraq against ISIS
we go to the first days of confrontation when ISIS was close to Baghdad
this was a very big challenge and the dimension of what happened was too big
Sayyed Sistani issued a fatwa from the Najaf to call for mobilization
This fatwa addressed to all Iraqis was the introduction to this victory
some would ask why give importance to this Fatwa
it is important because it ended the confusion among Iraqis who took the decision
and then the enemy was identified that was confused by some for a revolution
and the Fatwa defined ISIS as an enemy
was addressed to all Iraqis with all their varieties
It expressed the right position to be taken by all
and it took out the Iraqis from the state of loss and confusion and the people answered the call
hundreds of thousands joined and formed the Poular Crowd
so when we speak of al Mosul , we have to start from the Fatwa
Nouri al Maliki responded and the Crowd was formed during his rule
and continued under al Abadi
it was approved by many religious references Sunni and Shi’as and APPROVED AND SUPPORTED AND HELPED BY THE iSLAMIC REPUBLIC
the answer of the call on behalf of the families and tribes
This happened while Iraq was let down by all and while regional powers supported ISIS
and i have to report and draw the lesson from all this . The Iraqis relied on themselves , they did not rely on anyone else nor called for others to come.

In all cases what happened was due to their wisdom and patience and we congratulate all on this victory , and to the leaders of Iraq and the Popular Crowd and the Martyrs and the families of the martyrs and to the religious reference and we congratulate all those who helped the Iraqis at their head leader Khamina’i . This victory is the victory of all , a victory to those threatened by Terror . Al Mosul is the biggest city and is the capital of the so called Khilafat and the liberation of al Mosul is positive for all countries . What would have happened to Iraq if the Iraqis had not fought ? this victory of the Iraqis is for the protection of all and the security of all those threatened by ISIS. We ask the Iraqis not just to be satisfied with al Mosul but to continue to fight ISIS everywhere in Iraq. The security of Iraq requires that this organization be eradicated and this should be given a priority and to remain a priority . in Syria, the battle is still going on and I have said that all countries should fight together . We should grab the occasion and beat the iron while it is hot and not let ISIS remain . This is a victory of all oppressed. ISIS did nor spare anyone and ISIS is a very particular case and has defamed Islam

locally we say we stand with the government and we stand with the rule and we ask that the budget be decided and the political life be more fruitful . it is not true that we seek to change the government , we want the government to stay and we will not accept that any one resigns
about the refugees , this issue should be brought up and solved and people are complaining about the situation
there is need that the 2 governments Lebanese and Syrian communicate and have the refugees return
Some people objected that this means that Lebanon recognizes the legality of the Syrian rule
But the Syrian rule is legal and the UN recognizes it, and even the opposition negotiates with it
some say that we don’t want the Syrians to end up in prison upon their return , but this did not happen . and UN says 500 thousands returned and they did not end up in prison
Others say they should not be forced back , we don’t want to force them to return but to give them the option and the chance to return for their own sake and for the benefit of Lebanon
it is not that the Resistance wants to promote itself by playing this role . let them assume this role then at our place
Some from the Future movement say that we should keep the refugees in order to get the money destined to those .but this is wrong
We will not impose our opinion on anyone nor force the decision on anyone but the matter should be brought up and discussed
and the return to al Wa’r quarter in Homs from Jarablus proves our point whereby hundreds of armed people returned with their families safely

as for the hills of Irsal the efforts have led to track these terrorists and stop them before they commit their atrocities and this thanks to what the army did , Lebanon was spared various bloody events
But the threat is still there
there are terrorists inside Irsal that are preparing for operating in Lebanon
and the armed people in the hills of Irsal are also a threat . There is need that all assume responsibilities
it is the last time that i speak about the hills of Irsal . these represent a real danger and they are a danger on the refugees
It is high time that we deal with this matter and solve this issue , and there is still a chance for those who want to leave to their places of choice

these factions in Irsal are monitored from al Raqqa , and many want this threat to end , i hope that this issue be finalized and no terrorist will be left in Lebanon and the battle shall be finalized and the army can take over and spread its authority as usual over the liberated land
i wish all the best

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