The Liberation of al Mosul is certainly an achievement but is no victory. There is no victory over a tool or a victory over ISIS where the US has not been defeated . The ISIS heads were evacuated in great numbers by the USA, and were withdrawn to Kurdistan Iraq and from there to Turkey and also to Talla’far in Iraq itself on the Syrian borders. . This according to the testimony of the leaders of the Crowd . Why there is no victory is because after the liberation the fate of al Mosul is still unknown ,and will be decided in a conference that will group Sunni figures that are sponsored by different Arab countries.

The Popular Crowd though will not accept any US military presence after the liberation of al Mosul and there is an Iraqi consensus over this . The military factions that are Resistance factions also but are not officially part of the Crowd will take care of this and they are the ones who are fighting in Syria also together with Hizbullah, There are maybe 20 thousand US forces in Iraq and the numbers are not confirmed and they are present in two military bases. The Crowd is categorical about this matter that no US military presence in Iraq after al Mosul and this according to an agreement between US and the Iraqi government .

This is to say that the US embassy in Iraq is the largest in the middle east and employs around 6 thousand people and a similar embassy will be raised in the vicinity of Beirut that employs 4 thousand people .The Crowd will not meddle with this issue. The Crowd is the great Iraqi achievement more so than the liberation of al Mosul from where ISIS has been evicted without being eradicated .


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