Where has ISIS disappeared many are asking ? If one thousand thugs were killed in al Mosul as reported , where are the others? They are in Syria is the answer and the heads have been evacuated by the US by air and transferred to Syria to Deir Ezzur precisely and escalation is expected in Syria in the region between Deir Ezzur and the region of the Badiya around Homs, as escalation is expected in the north, in Idlib, where Turkish forces are expected to enter the province . This according to Syrian expert Hassan Hassan . It seems the Iraqi achievements in al Mosul that were very costly by the way in terms of victims and displacements were at the expense of the Syrians while israel feels totally secured to have the Russian forces present on the borders with the usurping state. The Russian police will be soon in the south of Syria not to protect israel from the terrorist thugs who represent no threat on israel but are an asset to the usurping state, but to protect it from the Resistance forces . If the Khilafa chapter is over for the time being , this does not mean ISIS is over , on the contrary, ISIS will stay, and has acquired resistance and resilience thanks to those who refused to eradicate it and finish it but were satisfied with forcing it it out to head to other places and keep it in al Mosul under a different dress .

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