Instead of celebration , it is assessment that is needed. There are no celebrations that are justifiable when 900 thousand have been displaced from al Mosul with no possibility to return any time soon. The Iraqi government should be accountable for what the people of al Mosul suffered during more than 3 years at the hands of ISIS, and why the Popular Crowd did not rush to save al Mosul the way it rushed to save Diyala with the help of the Iranians . why the Iraqi forces and the Popular Crowd had to defer this battle endlessly and give the chance to ISIS to establish itself in al Mosul instead of rushing to dislodge it from the whole province. The truth is that the US would not allow the Iraqi Army to head to al Mosul and liberate it, nor would it allow the Crowd to head to al Mosul and liberate the city once for all . No , this did not happen and the US did not let it happen due to various considerations that had to do with sects and so on . So, ISIS was given enough time to strengthen its rule and establish its state, and this was intended. And the Iraqis accommodated the US Sectarian stand instead of ignoring it and dealing with the ISIS as a foreign invasion rather than a sectarian dissidence . This is really a shame to wait for a US green light to save one’s own people .


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