The Syrian Refugee issue is not just an issue of refugees who have fled the war and taken shelter in Lebanon . It was not the choice of the Syrians to come to Lebanon in these numbers more than 2 millions for a population of 4.5 millions of Lebanese. These refugees were directed to Lebanon not to seek shelter but to implement an agenda . From this comes the controversy because Lebanon cannot deal with this issue as a refugee issue but has to deal with it as a political issue and has to protect its unity and integrity and security . The Syrian resorted to camps that are located mostly in the Bekaa and around ‘Irsal and form for their major part a hosting place for the terrorist thugs who operate in Syria. In other terms these refugees are the families of the thugs where the thugs can come , visit their families and take some rest from the battle and also conspire against the Lebanese and arrange and plan terrorist operations against the people and the army . We are not dealing here with homeless people for the major part who have needs that should be met by Lebanon and other countries until their return is granted safely to their homeland , we are speaking about a direct threat on the country that the refugee camps represent considering the fact that they are a hosting environment for thugs . Sayyed had suggested to start establishing contacts with the Syrian authorities so that Syria receives the refugees back in safe places or to the places of their choice, but this has been refused by the head of the government. It is not by accident that these refugees were placed in the Bekaa , the Reservoir of the Resistance . These refugees are anti Resistance and they are here to be used eventually against the Resistance , not to speak of the fact that they could be used to change the demography of the country in case they are given permanent residency which is also part of the agenda . The Refugees in Lebanon is not a human issue , it is a political issue although the human issue is not to be overlooked .

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