They waited 3 years to reveal the massacres` committed by the Coalition strikes in Syria and Iraq, And now that there is interest in showing enmity between US and Syria so as to allow`Syria to win a fake victory over US in this absurd war , the number of the victims of the Coalition strikes can be revealed and the extent of the tragedy .also . When al Mu’allem announced three years ago that the anti Terror Coalition will strike Syria , we were not allowed to question why or to protest , it was a matter of political correctness , and we were told that this will happen with Syria’s permission and with Syrian coordination. Of course , there was neither permission nor coordination , but we were not allowed to protest , we had to accept this fact `as part of our destiny in which we had no say . Definitely, it is`part of the `Baathist destiny to maneuver with USA until the goal is reached to sit with USA . But now they are trying to sell us a fake victory of Syria over US arranged by the Russian belligerent and this requires`that US~becomes an enemy and- therefore – the number of collateral victims is being revealed for the first time by the media and in the front page of al Akhbar . Better late than never some might say , but if`we had to wait three years to know the number of victims`caused by the anti Terror Coalition strikes , how much we would have to wait to have the number of victims by Russian strikes revealed? we will be grateful if`someone , anyone, can give us an idea.


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