900 thousand displaced in al Mosul and the city is a mined territory . There is not one place that has not been mined . Still al Abadi `cannot wait to announce victory in the battle whose pace `and rhythm and timing were decided by the masters and creators of ISIS . The 900 thousand displaced `will not share in the`festivities and will not be able to return soon , because al Mosul has not returned to the Iraqi bosom, and who will govern al Mosul is not an Iraqi decision, so what are they celebrating for? the Meeting in Baghdad between the 5 Arab Sunni Countries of KSA, UAE, Qatar , Egypt and Jordan that is to be held soon will decide `what will happen to al Mosul . So what `are they cheering for? They should sit and cry for having displaced so many and`sacrificing others in or to deliver al Mosul to the `sectarian Arab Sunni clan


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