Religion is not something one can refuse or refute easily . It is almost impossible to refuse Religion because the refusal of Religion comes from ignorance and not from knowledge, and because of this has no value in itself . And the refusal of Religion is still Religion, and there is room in Religion for this refusal . One cannot refute the Spirit when one is made of Spirit .

The Predator colonialist knew the importance of Religion and invested in it, complicating the issue even more . Religion needs to be understood because Religion is not so much divine as it is human , it is the`quintessence of the human experience . It is the complete total human experience and the sum of human experiences. Scripture is the autobiography of Man . Religion therefore is human, more human than anything that exists , and is the most human of`sciences, and it is the Science of everything . Religion is Science , it is the Science of the Self , and it is`not a theory that can be refuted by any other theory because it is all encompassing and includes all theories.

The predator colonialist usurped Religion as he usurped everything else . Due to this, Religion has become occupied , and many atrocities have been committed in the name of Religion that have for author the predator west . The predator colonialist has occupied everything ,including Religion, and this was a big conquest on behalf of the predator and maybe the biggest .This has not harmed Religion as much as it has harmed the people who confused Religion for predatory and took one for the other and started defaming Religion and their own selves instead of defaming the colonialist predator.

The predator is an outlaw and has no Religion , but makes use of the ignorance of Religion and exploits Religion and uses Religions against one another succeeding thus in defaming all Religions . And this is the purpose of such an operation because, no predator can get away with what he is inflicting on others in the eyes of Religion, of any Religion, but if Religion means conflict and usurp , the predator , any predator can get away with what he is doing .

Religion is the enemy number one of the predator, and the predator is putting so much effort and money into distorting Religion . Religion should be liberated like colonized countries should be liberated , and for this there is need for patience and vigilance and hard work and perseverance . Blaming Religions for the crimes of the predator will not help . The crimes should be attributed to their real author , and Religion should be saved because it is the quality of our lives and our well being that are at stake.


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