Separatism on the ground of Religion works against Religion itself and against the goals of Religion like`what happened when Pakistan separated from India, and like the calls for the separation of Kashmir . As if the Pakistani lesson was not enough. so that we repeat it in Kashmir. We are still witnessing the repercussions of such separation that was maneuvered by the colonizer . Not only this separatism works against Religion but also against the immediate interests of the people themselves . See what happened when South Sudan separated from Sudan. Massacres are usually the outcome of such separation that is believed to be a conspiracy against the people .

Religion means spirituality and the aspiration of Religion is a`Spiritual aspiration and not a gross material drive that needs a physical location and physical separation . True Religion breeds unity and tolerance and peace not withstanding the gross and subtle divisions, and works within the interests of all . Fake Religion breeds countries like`Israel where terror and violations and usurp prevail . There is a lesson to learn from Hizbullah who works for unity and` solidarity within the`Spirit of the Religion and will work for the interest of all Lebanese and for Lebanon as a priority and who will support all just causes and will not favor its religious or sectarian identification or deny its national identity. Let us remember that the hateful sectarianism we are witnessing started first as a religious` fight between religions and then was transferred inside the` Religion itself

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