A real deal struck between israel and India that involves weapon and technology and all kinds of exchange comes at the detriment of the Arab World, and is considered a big loss to the Palestinian Cause and to the Arab Cause . To lose India to israel that has always been if not with the Arabs at least non aligned in the ongoing struggle is an unhappy development . There is`real infiltration of israel in the Indian state. No doubt it is Russia and China who opened the door to Israel to infiltrate internationally , especially China who was the first to open up to israel whereby the exchange is the highest between the two, and israel followed the steps of China into Africa , the continent that israel has been trying to control since long by infiltrating the natives struggle, and training leaders like Mandela. and so on and shifting the struggle away from its objectives .

israel has nothing to give to India and even this` technology stuff and weaponry is not what India` really needs . India needs to be true to India, to regain its independence and sovereignty and unity that it has lost due to the colonial scheme that targeted it and tore it apart with the contribution of both Muslims and Hindus. Anything other than sovereignty and unity and independence is to no avail . A country that has so much potential and piety and creativity, what would it do with a criminal usurper?

No two on earth are so much unalike like israel and India are. They are antagonistic. and cannot coexist under any label whatsoever . While israel could feel at ease with imperialist affiliated China and with the rogue state of Russia , it is going to feel out of place in India. And, sooner or later, this cooperation will abort by God’ s will . Why this is happening is because the BRICS is a hoax; and this is something that each and every person should know, that the BRICS is a World Order maneuver whose goal is to have israel infiltrate the biggest and most influential states that will all contribute in extending the life of israel that is threatened by the Resistance. And what China did in terms of opening up fully to israel, and what Russia did by way of intervening in Syria in favor of israel, India is expected to do by opening one of the biggest countries for israel to profit, and create chaos, and aggravate the social and political conflicts, and spread its poison everywhere And only God knows what Brazil – ruled by CIA asset Michel Temer – will do for the sake of israel in Latin America , not to speak of what South Africa has been doing for israel since Mandela’s rule .

All of this will not last though, and all these attempts and maneuvers on behalf of the predators will fail , because israel has been defeated by the Resistance, and is being defeated everyday by the same Resistance, and all the powers on earth rallied together cannot change this Reality . What the World Order is doing is not to try to change facts that are unchangeable, but to keep you in darkness regarding these facts, and to keep you away from this truth , and to let the israeli lie last more, and this is where all the World Order efforts are going .

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