Modi is in israel and will not visit Ramallah contrary to all other officials or rulers from Europe or or other countries .Expert Tahsin Al Halabi on al Mayadeen TV blames this` visit on the `Arabs and Muslims who had not only neglected the`relation with India siding with Pakistan on the ground of Religion but had also rushed themselves to pacify israel and are in competition over this and were the first to recognise israel in Oslo .

The Expert adds that what India seeks is what China sought who has very strong relations with israel and it is `to have access to to some technology and kinds of technical recipes that India`cannot get other wise and will not get from any place but which it could get from israel against money of course like` China did previously . israel had been scolded by the US for selling this technology to China, but today’s deal seems to be with Trump’s blessings . Not visiting Ramallah is what characterises this` visit as a service rendered by Modi to please Netenyahu and facilitate the`deal .

We had called on Iran more than one time to make`a step towards India who is`a big force and a big country , and recognize Hinduism as the Religion it is and open up to it but we seem to have lost the race, expert Halabi said it is israel that has won the race towards India and Arabs and Muslims might `have lost an asset and a potential ally.


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